Dear CSA Members,

We are writing you to let you know that the upcoming Spring, Summer, Fall CSA is going forward as planned!  🎉🌽🍓🍉   Important: We’ve had an overwhelming amount of interest in the CSA over the past week and are getting close to capacity/being sold out. All of our shares are available at a first come first served basis.  We recommend getting deposits in as soon as possible.  We will not add folks to our CSA list until they have both paid the deposit and signed up for the CSA.

Spring, Summer, Fall CSA is just a few months away!  With an estimated start date of mid-May and we are busily planting, seeding and prepping ground to make it happen!  In this difficult time take comfort in knowing we will have safe, nutritious food that is accessed in a zero contact environment for our members!

We believe that in this time the local food system is deeply important.  Trusting your food source is more valuable than ever.

Take comfort in knowing that we are the only ones who ever harvest and pack your fruits and veggies and we only provide our members with produce that comes from our farm.  This is a closed loop system.

Important: Come Mid-May if there is still a state of emergency due to Coronavirus we can switch from a Market Style CSA to a Pre-packed “to go” style CSA for as long as needed (as we’ve done with our current Winter CSA).  Making sure that each share is as bountiful as ever.  If you’re interested in learning more about what we’re doing to provide a zero contact solution to the CSA click here.

Thank you for your support!  We are here to ensure that the community has access to nutritious, local food during the good times and the bad and are grateful to you for supporting us!  We are so excited to grow great food this season and we have everything we need to do so because of your support and early investment in the CSA.  This is what it’s all about!


Your Farmers

Brian & Jess