Our flock of hens are raised on fresh pasture as well as an organic, non-GMO feed (no soy, no corn) made in the Pacific NW by Scratch and Peck – a local feed supply that we are proud to support and share the goal of feeding our communities the best possible product (their tag line is “you are what your animals eat!”).  We believe in our farming practices and in offering the best possible product to our members and community – a product that you simply can’t find in the store.  Everything we do on the farm, we do it out of love for nature, the animals, our environment and the health and safety of our community.

An important note from your farmers: After sharply rising feed costs over the past three years we have decided that in order to make laying hens a sustainable aspect of our farm we are downsizing our flock of egg layers.   We offer Monthly Egg Shares at the CSA pick up  to be reserved on a first come, first serve basis. We have also raised our prices to $9.50 per dozen as this ensures we make at least a .50 per dozen eggs sold. Make no mistake: these are the highest quality eggs you can buy and take it from your farmers they are worth every penny. Remember you are supporting a food system that does not make compromises! One that pays the farmers that grow the certified organic, non-GMO grains, the local company that distributes the BEST POSSIBLE product and also the farmers who grow, manage, tend to and keep the flock.

You are able to purchase our eggs as a CSA member.  Send us an email with your order and we’d be happy to let you know our availability!  All dozens are $9.50 each.

Every dozen is rich in color, nutrients & flavor.  To learn more about out CSA program click here!



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