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Organic Grass Fed Beef


We are very proud to offer our 100% organic Grass Fed-Grass Finished Beef Shares.  We keep a small herd of British White and Black Angus cross cows that produce incredibly flavorful and tender beef.   We raise all of our cows by utilizing an intensive rotational grazing system that helps to build our soils and improve the biodiversity of our grasses.  All of our cows are 100% grass-fed and are finished on grass at a full 24 months of age.

Our Cows:

-Are raised and finished on grass and clover at 24 months of age

-Are raised on an rotational grazing system that helps to build our soils and improve the biodiversity of our grasses.

-And are raised by Jess and I with respect and love

-Are USDA inspected and certified

-Are never fed grain

-Are never given supplemental antibiotics or hormones

WHF Grass Fed Beef Shares (27-28lbs)  

A 27-28 lb share of our grass fed beef is $325 and includes a mix of:

-Ground beef (12-13 lbs)

-Premium steaks (6-8 lbs/2steaks per package) i.e Rib eye, New York, etc…

-Roasts (2.5-4lbs) i.e. Cross Rib, Brisket, Chuck, etc…

-Package of our amazing beef stock bones! (2-3lbs)

*Shares will completely fill 2 large grocery bags*

To reserve your beef share (s):

– Order Please email us and let us know the number of shares you are interested in

– Availability We will email you to confirm our availability and your order

 Payment Full payment will be due on your beef share pick up day.  Payment can be made by check or at our online store (please note: the online payment will include the 3% +.3 processing fee)

 Pick- Up Let us know if you have a pick up day/week preference.

WHF Grass Fed Ground Beef Shares (10lbs)

A 10lb grass fed ground beef share includes 10 1lb packages of grass fed ground beef for $75.

Order instructions are the same as above!  to pay online visit our online store.