Above are images of example shares from past Summer and Fall seasons.

Thank you for your interest in our upcoming 2023 Spring, Summer and Fall CSA!  Update: As of 1/16/23 we have sold all the shares we have available at this time for the upcoming season. Please fill out the form below to sign up for our Waiting List:

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Working Hands Farm Summer & Fall CSA at a glance:

  • The Summer & Fall CSA is scheduled for every other week pick ups (11 shares picked up over 22 weeks).  Click here to see the pick up calendar.
  • The first pick up will take place on Tuesday June 27th or Wednesday June 28th
  • The total cost of the Summer & Fall Share is $826.
  • In a typical season shares average 28-35lbs throughout the season which means members pay $2.00 – $2.50 per pound for their delicious, organic, nutrient dense farm fresh fruits and veggies!
  • Convenient pick-up at the farm in Hillsboro on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s from 3:00-6:30pm
  • Know your farmers, know your food: Everything we (Jess and Brian) grow is produced using organic methods that work in conjunction with the soil and ecosystem on our farm.  

3 Steps to Signing Up:

  1. Read all about the 2023 Summer & Fall CSA Season Below (the Who, What, Where, Why, When & How Much)
  2. Fill out the CSA Sign Up Form & Member Agreement form for On Farm Pick Up
  3. Submit payment (within two weeks of filling out the form) to reserve your share!  Mail or drop off a check at the farm or Make a Payment Online.

Read Below for all the details!

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is a way for the farmer to get a start on the season with a shared commitment from the community.  Starting in January members will sign up for their share which covers anticipated costs and helps your farmers to absorb the initial expenses that happen at the beginning of the season.  As farmers we’ve really come to love the CSA model as members share both the risks and benefits of food production. That by supporting our farm their understanding of nature, the seasons, the bounty, the loss …all of it brings them closer to their own place in nature with the added bonus of supporting a farm that they can get behind, know, trust and thrive with. That together we can live more productive and healthier lives and feel connected to the piece of dirt that nourishes us all. Together we are investing in the future… one that we believe in!

What our CSA is all about: Community, Health, Environment, Affordability, Commitment 

Community- We delight in the chance to grow delicious, organic, nutrient dense, farm fresh food for our community!  For our CSA,  community is at its core. Our farm is a place to discuss many aspects of food production and individual food journeys… from seasonal eating to sustainable growing practices, to your latest kitchen inspirations and new favorite foods and varietals, to changing lifestyles/habits and feeling good about yourself.  All these things are part of it and we welcome you to share a little bit about your food journey over the next 5 months of CSA.  We keep our farm-ily updated with a newsletter that coincides with each pick up.  Our newsletter is full of resources, stories, updates and pictures which help us all to stay connected to the changing seasons and reminds us of what it takes to grow food on a small scale farm.  Members have access to our Working Hands Farm CSA Members page to share recipe ideas, kitchen prep successes, food preservation ideas etc (your farmers love to share cooking tips, talk recipes, storage, food preservation etc…)  CSA provides a great opportunity for our members to share delicious meals with friends and family and take delight in the seasonal produce and all that Oregon summer’s have to offer!  Throughout the season we offer opportunities to enjoy a CSA member farm day, a pumpkin day etc all on the farm.

Health- (Probably farmer Brian & Jess’ favorite topic!)  We are aware that our members join our CSA for a multitude of reasons, but it is clear that the most common denominator is health.  We believe in producing the most organic, nutrient rich, flavorful farm fresh food for our community so that they can be the healthiest, most productive members of society!  Over the last few years we have seen some incredible transformations in our CSAers, whether it be a few inches from the waistline or a healthy blood test from the ole’ doc.  We love hearing the stories and seeing the change first hand.  And for our members who have children, it is amazing how cool and delicious veggies become after farmer Jess pulls out the sweetest carrots and the sweet mini yellow watermelons!

Environment- Everything we grow is produced using organic methods that work in conjunction with the soil and ecosystem of the farm.  We believe in using what we can produce on our own.  It is the only way we can be 100% certain that what we produce is grown with two things in mind: preserving flavor and promoting health.  Growing fruits and vegetables is the conduit we use to serve our local community.  Every step forward we take as farmers is to grow better not bigger and we invite you to grow with us.  We are able to avoid the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides by utilizing two important methodologies: Hard work and elbow grease.  We weed by hand and we plant smart.  We implore physical barriers in order to prevent pests from getting  into our more delicate crops.  We rotate our crops, we compost and we rely on our experience to stay ahead of the bugs and disease.  We’re proud to say that our farm utilizes less fuel than the average Portland commuter.

Affordability- By investing in the CSA we are able to invest in you!  Every year we perform a cost comparison by adding up the cost of the produce in each weeks CSA share and comparing it to our local organic markets and in a typical year our members save in excess of $200 -$300 on their produce.  Not that we think our produce can be compared to that of the super market as ours is harvested by either farmer Jess or farmer Brian and often given to you the very same day – you can’t beat the freshness of our produce! Also, a store can’t give you the sense of adventure and community that a local farm can!

Commitment- CSA also stands for commitment, as in the incredible commitment that our members make to support our small farm, to eat a healthy diet, to visit the farm once a week and pickup a bountiful share, to experiment with an open mind and try new recipes.   With the CSA model that commitment goes both ways, the commitment from the members to their farm and their farmers to their members. As your farmers, we are committed to excellence. To producing the most delicious and nutrient dense produce we can to meet your household’s needs. To hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards of organic food production. To ensure that the veggies are washed and packed at the CSA pick up every week three times a week without fail. (Did you know that in 14 years of business we have never missed a CSA harvest?) And we are committed to growing better, not bigger.

When does the Summer & Fall CSA begin?  

  • The WHF Summer & Fall CSA will run from June 27th/28th – November 12th/13th, a total of 11 Summer & Fall Shares over the course of 22 weeks!
  • On Farm Pick Ups will take place on Tuesday’s & Wednesday’s at the farm from 3:00-6:30pm. You will choose your assigned pick up day in the Member Agreement and Sign Up Form.
  • Please note: On Farm Summer & Fall CSA Pick Up schedule: ALL members will be on the same pick up weeks (every other week pick up). See calendar below.

CSA Member Benefits:

  • With every CSA Share you will be emailed a detailed list of vegetables (how to use them) and 6-8 recipes that correspond with the veggies in that weeks share.
  • In addition to your summer & fall veggies you will receive a weekly newsletter full of beautiful photos and updates about the farm.
  • Exclusive access to our Working Hands Farm CSA Members page to share recipe ideas, kitchen prep successes, food preservation ideas etc.  You have permission to get creative in the kitchen!  Now go for it!
  • Over the course of the season you will have the opportunity to visit the farm at our CSA Member Farm-Day & our CSA Member Pumpkin Day set for late September! 

How do I Sign Up?

  1. Fill out the CSA Member Agreement Form: https://workinghandsfarm.com/summerfallcsasignup
  2. Submit payment (within two weeks of filling out the form) to reserve your share!  Mail or drop off a check at the farm or Make a Payment Online.

What is the cost for the Summer & Fall CSA?

$250 Deposit + $288 First Payment + $288 Second Payment = $826

How do I make a Payment?

  • Pay Online: Visit our Online Farmstore http://workinghandsfarmstore.com to pay online.  Please note that the online payment option includes the 3% + .30 online processing fee.  If you wish to avoid this online fee you can pay by check. 
  • Pay by Check via drop off on the farm: If you would like to drop off your payment in form of a check on the farm, there is clearly marked white CSA lockbox located at the red barn (on your left when you pull in).    Please drop it off during regular business hours (8:00am-6:30pm).  Click here to see where to drop off your check!  We check it daily.  Checks only!  Please make sure to put the shareholders name & type of share in the memo.
  • Pay by Check (mail): Make checks out to ‘Working Hands Farm’ and send it to 7705 SW River Rd. Hillsboro, OR 97123.

When is payment due?

  • Your non-refundable deposit (checks or online payment) of $250 will be due within two weeks of signing up in order to reserve your share in the CSA. We encourage those members who can, to pay more than the deposit upon signing up,  to help your farmers absorb the initial expenses that happen at the beginning of the season. Keep in mind, we will be limiting our CSA so we encourage you pay your deposit ASAP.
  • After paying the deposit of $250, the first payment of $288 is due by April 1 st second payment of $288 is due by June 1st

How does zero contact On Farm Pick Up work?

We will be pre-packing everyone’s share as a “TO GO” style CSA for a simple and easy pick up.  CSA shares will be pre-packed “to go” in sanitized bins in the CSA room.Take 1 bin to your vehicle and transfer it’s contents into your own bags/box etc.  DO NOT TAKE OUR BINS HOME WITH YOU.

What kind of summer & fall veggies will be included throughout the season?

The summer & fall share will include 12-20 items (dependent on weather) in each share.  Each share will contain enough veggies to meet the needs of a household for one week per pick up. An average of 28-35lbs per share. Check out the slideshow below to see past year’s Summer & Fall CSA shares.

Where are farm pick ups located?

What happens if I’m unable to pick up my share?

Try to have a friend, family member, neighbor, co-worker etc pick it up for you or for themselves.  If you can’t find anyone who wants the veggies than please give us 48hr notice so we don’t harvest for you.  All unclaimed CSA shares are donated or recycled back into the farms ecosystem in the most sustainable way possible in order to minimize waste.

What happens if I’m out of town on my scheduled pick up day, can I pick up two shares on the following pick up?

With crop planning and scheduling we aren’t able to switch pick up weeks and/or double up shares for members that can’t make it to the farm on their assigned week.   Members have had success going on the Facebook Group Page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/696698667079657) to trade shares with another CSA member who will be out of town on a different week.  Let folks know you’re going out of town and will miss “example share” and see if anyone else has a different week they’ll be out of town that you can pick up their share and they can pick up yours (you will each pick up two shares one week and none the week you’ll be away). The other option would be having a friend, family, neighbor, co worker etc pick it up for you or for themselves.   If you cannot find anyone to pick-up the share on your behalf please let us know.

What happens if there is inclement weather?

In the event of inclement weather we may have to move pick ups to the following week and will communicate that through email. This will be done at the discretion of the farmers.

Is it important to sign up early? 

Yes! It is important to sign up and pay for your share as early as possible for two reasons: to reserve your CSA share, as shares are limited and our memberships fills up every year, and to help your farmers absorb the initial expenses in the beginning of the season.

Why Our Farm?

  • To gain access to the healthiest, freshest and most delicious organic food available.
  • To have the peace of mind that all the food you are eating is being grown safely and thoughtfully on one farm by Jess and Brian your two farmers.
  • To support the local food system and the local economy.
  • To be more connected to the seasonal bounty!
  • To convince your kids that veggies are awesome! Parents tell us constantly that their kids are now eating their veggies because they know their farmers.
  • To try new types of veggies, learn new delicious recipes and learn all the tricks to efficient and healthy food prep!
  • To gain a greater sense of your community.
  • To be proud of the fact that your investment is preserving a small farm in your community for future generations to enjoy!
  • To have access to our Working Hands Farm CSA Members page  to share recipe ideas, kitchen prep successes, food preservation ideas etc.

A little more about your farmers..

Jess and Brian are the only two farmers at Working Hands farm.  We are the owners, operators, carpenters, weeders, plumbers, accountants, photographers, cultivators, stewards of soil, composters, veterinarians, transplanters, seed collectors, bouquet composers, website designers, crate makers, CSA packers, etc…  Jess and I love what we do and we love working together.  With just two people running the operation we are able to provide not only an unbeatable product, we are able to cultivate an unbeatable experience for our members.  You will have to opportunity to get to know both Jess and I, your farmers, and ask us questions about anything that relates to the farm, food, food policy, nutrition, recipes, etc…  One of the reasons we limit our CSA every year is because we want to create an honest sense of community through real food. We only offer CSA pick up from our farm which means that our wonderful members are your neighbors, school teachers, bankers, electricians, government employees, engineers, students, etc… They are the people that make up your community so when you come to get you CSA be prepared to be helped, chatted with, encouraged, complimented and delighted.

Listen to Jess & Brian on the Farmer to Farmer podcast with Chris Blanchard:

Click here (for our 2015 episode) or Click here (for the 2017 episode) OR look up the Farmer to Farmer podcast episode #40 & episode #123 on iTunes.

For a few lovely articles written about us and our farm (as “young” farmers, farming together) please read the 2013 article, Cultivating Food & Community – by Meaghin Kennedy, Farming Together and the 2014 follow-up piece,  A Growing Maturity.


Thank you for supporting your local farm!