Thank you for your interest in our upcoming 2023 Spring, Summer and Fall CSA!  Update: As of 1/16/23 we have sold all the shares we have available at this time for the upcoming season. Please fill out the form below to sign up for our Waiting List:

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Working Hands is a small Hillsboro, Oregon based CSA farm that is dedicated to feeding people delicious, organic, nutrient dense farm fresh food.  We believe in offering only the best to our members and we accomplish this by never making compromises that sacrifice quality. Everything we produce on the farm is grown & raised 100% organic and without the use of GMOs. We believe that our community should have access to a transparent food system that they can trust, that they can understand and that they can rely upon. Working Hands is here as a permanent fixture of this community and we are committed to a sustainable model of food production for both our clients and us, the farmers.  We limit our CSA every year with the goal of accomplishing two things: conserving, protecting & improving our soils & providing our clientele with the best possible experience.  We believe in excellence as our standard. Welcome to Working Hands Farm.

‘dirty hands, clean hearts’