Hey CSA Members,

Jess and I are writing to address the concerns with Coronavirus (COVID-19).  The state of Oregon has issued a state of emergency therefore we will be changing the protocol for the remaining Winter CSA pick ups by pre-packing everyone’s share (see more below).

We believe that times like now that the local food system is deeply important.  Trusting your food source is more valuable than ever.  Take comfort in that Jess, Rob and I are the only ones who ever harvest and pack your veggies and we only provide our members with produce that comes from our farm.  This is a closed loop system.

Here is a short summary of the new things we are implementing to do our part to slow the spread of this virus as well as our standard pack shed food safety protocols:

IMPORTANT: We will be taking extra precautions with the Winter CSA including:

  •    Pre-packing shares in sanitized bins that are to be transferred into the CSA member’s own bags. (DO NOT TAKE OUR BINS HOME WITH YOU) This will help to ensure we keep contact with the produce to a minimum.
  •    On average we have 1 – 2 members in the CSA room at anytime easily maintaining the 6 ft distance and spending 30 seconds or less inside.
  •    Leaving the CSA doors wide open in order to reduce contact with surfaces by members
  •    Leaving the CSA windows open to increase air flow
  •    Moving the CSA check-in outside
  •    Disinfecting the CSA room with increased frequency

Things we are already doing as part of our Food Safety Protocol:

  •    Washing and sanitizing all surfaces that come in contact with produce
  •    Washing our hands before and after handling produce
  •    Wearing nitrile gloves for harvest and packing of produce
  •    Streamlined wash pack system using a stainless steel Rinse Washer Machine
  •    Storing all produce in bins that have been machine cleaned and sanitized
  •    Keeping a strict linear flow through our produce handling area (unwashed produce in >>>> clean produce out)
  •    Washing all produce bins in a machine using an OMRI certified organic sanitizer


We are here to support our community and we will work tirelessly to continue providing you with the safest and freshest organic produce throughout this season and into the future.  Thank you for believing in us and placing your trust in us.

Your Farmers

Jess & Brian

dirty hands, clean hearts