this morning began with our first session of our new organic gardening certification class, put together by osu.  we got to dork out about tools with a local toolmaker bob denman, of red pig tools, get acquainted with oregon tilth, and then cut out of class a bit early to give the babies some air.

today continued with a trip to the local rural grange hall for a book sale, and to smith berry barn for marionberry milkshakes (in the interest of community building, of course).

discussions about a csa have again arisen, with the promise from brian’s friend elliot that he will be the first on board should we decide to start a csa.  the thought is admittedly appealing, as producing enough food in our first season to fill restaurant orders with any level of consistency has become a very daunting thought.

ideas are blossoming like wildflowers and our excitement is palpable.

we have also given consideration to a roaming farmers’ market, moving from neighborhood to neighborhood, with updates here about where we’ll be each day/week, to sell our produce.  one thought that is especially appealing is to travel to lower income neighborhoods to sell our produce at a discounted rate to folks who wouldn’t normally have access to healthy, organic food.

your thoughts and suggestions on this matter will be welcomed, with alacrity.