the farm seems to get both busier and more fun by the minute.  yesterday we hosted our dear friend kelly, who lent a gracious, tender, and efficient hand, and reminded me of yet another vital avenue of community support.  the last week has been spent doing lots of research into the nuts and bolts of starting a small farm.  the hours dedicated to internet research, phone calls, and ideas have been both challenging and affirming, as i come to realize what a small and strong source of support local farmers, distributors, customers, and families of friends are to small farmers.  this week has run the gamut of emotions for me, as i have both thrown my hands up in sheer overwhelmed frustration, and jumped for joy over the prospect of serving our community.  brian stopped me yesterday in the field as we surveyed our little toddler crops, and said “look at this.  this is it.  we aren’t just playing at farming anymore.  this is a dream, and i want to do this as long as i possibly can.”  and he’s right.  what began as his dream has become our dream, and what was once our dream is now our reality.