There is so much to report!

Our babies have been treated to healthy doses of water with the incessant rain, thereby slowing their growth, but also hopefully storing some much needed water for the coming dry season.  Brian and I took the opportunity last weekend to sneak to the coast after we readied the babies for another few soggy days.

We have just harvested our first radishes; succulent monsters whose green tops scores of cole-loving beetles have feasted upon and whose tender flesh critters have nibbled on.  After tasting one, I don’t blame the little pests.  They are spicy and delicious (and going in our first CSA box)!

And speaking of CSA boxes, delivery number one is Wednesday.  To the folks at GBD Architects, we can’t wait to meet you!  We have some special little treats in store for you.  Excitement is in the air.

We are looking forward to what this season will teach us (and what it already has), will try our hardest to accept these lessons graciously, and hope to have some tools in our toolbox that will enable us to grow healthy food for happy people.