as we have worked our way through this first season, the first thing we seemed to have let go of was fun.  i am an active proponent of the inherent value of fun in one’s life, and was absolutely dismayed to realized that neither brian nor i had taken more than one day off since the start of the season!   with stress levels rising, and our life outside of work a bit neglected, we ventured off to the woods for two days of camping, hiking, and quiet campfire talk.  the farm was with us the whole time, and although our worries about being away for 36 hours never completely diminished, we did get to breath a bit easier and just enjoy being together.  and when we returned for our CSA harvest… we had melons growing, and bright and lively vegetables to include in our members’ boxes.  the general state of our vegetables seemed a testament to both the value of hard work and persistence, and of the importance of taking a day off.