first day back to the farm for the season and the mood was silly.  brian and i were both very excited to be back… breathing fresh air, marveling at our kale trees (pictured in the background of the photo above), listening to music, and working at our own paces.  i hadn’t realized how much i missed the pace of the farm until brian would come bounding out of the greenhouse to share his latest brilliant idea, or i would get completely absorbed in the silence of my current project.  i had ample time yesterday to reflect on the start of our second year on the farm and how it compared to where we were at this time last year.

last year at this time we were planting our very first seedlings.  this year we plant with the confidence born of a year’s worth of hard work, mistakes, and small triumphs.  i look forward to the year ahead for us and our growing community of friends and family who are as excited as we are about the new year.