“It all started because I couldn’t find a well made axe in my local hardware store. I just couldn’t bare to resign myself to yet another hollow transaction, I couldn’t walk out the door with such a mediocre tool in hand. So I drew inspiration from my love for the axe – the tool I brandished on my family’s cattle farm and in the wilds of Northern Canada as a boy. I amassed axes from Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, and the US. I traveled around the world meeting with great axe makers, and skilled users, and then set out to right a wrong.  In our quest for the best made axe we discovered other tools close at hand that were also in need of rethinking, and that lead us to what has become Best Made Company: a vibrant world, a bustling store, a design hub, and a network of workshops and communities dedicated to quality products that will inspire and empower you to get back to where you are happy, where you belong: nature.”
-Quoted from the Best Made Co Website