This video tells the story of the ‘Chase Family Farm.’ It is within this video that I have stumbled upon a new venture to aspire too. A small produce store that is clean and simple, selling only products that are from the farm or farms with a similar philosophy.  Where produce is beautifully presented in old farm crates, that reside upon old farm buckets which stand upon hardwood floors.  I can imagine an appropriate amount of exposed brick and industrial chic piping with fresh-cut flowers filling the room with their fragrance.   A “farm chic” produce stand that would create a space for not only selling farm fresh produce but for a direct connection to ones farm and farmer.  I can easily picture opening up the space for secret dinners, last thursday art walks, fundraisers that fund CSA boxes for those who can’t afford them, art exhibitions, great bands, etc…  Oh, the possibilities!  Check out the video and share your thoughts.  And if anyone knows of a space in Portland, Yes I am interested. Enjoy the video.

yours truly,