As a hard-working, mostly  human-powered farm, we put hand tools, crates, knives, jeans, flannels, bags, gloves, boots, wagons, watering cans, etc… to the test.  So when we recommend something and share it with you folks you can be confident that it is simply the best of what’s out there.  When selecting an item we focus on three things quality, style and sustainability.  Today we are standing behind the Apolis Market bag

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 Apolis, which translates as “global citizen,” is a living and breathing social enterprise  that equips and empowers people through opportunity instead of charity.  Apolis co-creates products with manufacturers and directly allows the market to determine the future of each item we produce. It is a hands-on model to provide people access to opportunity. We call it “advocacy through industry.” 

Many thanks to Aplois for their vision and their quality products.  To learn more about Aplois click here