There comes a moment where we all need to step out of our lives for a little while and step into the shoes of someone else.  Here is a video that I spent last winter filming and the talented folks at Juliet Zulu have edited.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did the experience.  With each breath I walk in the memories of the people that I have loved.  The people that have taught me to be more than I ever thought I could be.  I hope that this video and the projects underway will, in a small way,  facilitate a giving back for all that I have received.  I dedicate this video to Michelle and Marslin.  Two men who have who have touched my life in a significant way.

Pou zanmi m ‘yo an Ayiti moun mwen ap toujou pote avè m’. Pou moun ki te moutre m ‘yo te mache bò kote m’ ak pèmèt m ‘nan fè menm bagay la. Mwen pral pou tout tan souri akAyisyen yo ak mwen pral gen yo kriye avèk Ayiti.

and special thanks to Dan Wolf, Vahid Jahangiri and Sebastian Africano for teaching me what it means to believe in a cause that is greater then myself. To fight for what love is and not what it appears to be.


Brian D. Martin