Happy 4th of July!

Hello farm friends,

And another month begins!  How quickly the season is already whirling by and at 4 weeks we have so many special surprises for you!  We hope you’ve been inspired in the kitchen by all the fresh produce and are also feeling a bit lighter and more energetic.  We know we wouldn’t be able to keep up mentally, physically and spiritually as farmers if it wasn’t for all the nutrient rich food we eat all day long.  Even now at 9:30 pm we’ve just finished a harvest of raspberries and are winding down a long day of planting and mowing in the sun.  This life is pretty good I tell you what.

But it’s getting to be that time of the season where we could definitely use some extra hands.  Try as we might we can’t get everything done and we feel confident in asking for the help of our loved members and friends.  So, we invite you out this Saturday, July 7th, (10am-5pm) for some fun in the sun and hang out time with your farmers and community.  If you haven’t had a chance to come out to farm this will be a great opportunity to get your hands dirty and to get to know your farmers, Jess and Brian.  We’ll be weeding, planting, prepping, seeding – you name it!  Our to-do list is getting pretty long so if you’re planning on coming by drop us an email.  If you’re unable to make it on Saturday and would still like to come out some time during the week let us know and we can work something out!  Either way we look forward to seeing you at the drop this week!

Thanks to everyone who brought their old mason jars last week.  It was incredibly thoughtful and it easily gets us into the harvesting spirit seeing all the empty jars sitting on the shelves just waiting to be filled with delicious goods!  Also, the berry cartons can definitely be reused so feel free to save yours and bring them back to us at the pick-ups.  Reduce, reuse, recycle – every little bit counts!

And if anyone wants to talk animal husbandry this week we have open ears as we’re looking to purchase a few grazing animals for our 3 acres of open pasture.  We’re thinking a dairy cow and a couple of heritage hogs.  So, if you have any advice to give or experience to share we’d love to hear it.

Until then,

Your faithful farmers

dirty hands, clean hearts