Hello friends,

The adventure begins yet again!  We sure have had some funny weather since we saw you last but it looks like the sun is shining and we’re back up into the 50’s at night.  Everything looks great in the garden <sigh of happiness> as August and September are such bountiful months in the season.  Farmer Brian and myself will be working on numbers, dates, etc for the winter CSA and will be happy to share those with you hopefully by next week!  We truly believe in what we’re doing and see a very bright and rewarding future in growing food for the community.  This season has led us to amazing friends, new and old, and we couldn’t be happier to have you all aboard!

Thanks to those who came out for our first movie night last week.  This friday (August 31st) we will be showing Singing in the Rain a fantastic musical comedy made in 1952.  It stars some of the greats, Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor & Debbie Reynolds who are singing and dancing about all things Hollywood and the change from silent films to “talkies.”  Movie starts a little after 8pm but feel free to come a little early to enjoy our beautiful farm sunsets.  Make sure to bring a few layers with you for when the sun goes down.  A $5 donation is suggested.

Our girls are laying a few more eggs each and every day.  We’ll have eggs available at a first come, first serve basis this week for all that are interested.  They are fed a glorious diet of pasture and Scratch & Peck feed so eating them is something you can feel really good about.  Finn, short for Huck Finn, is our chicken of the week.  As soon as the girls are let out at first light Finn is the first one to jump the fence and find her way over to the shade structure.  There you will find her for the majority of the day, snacking on tomatoes, scratching up the grass, eating slugs or lounging in the sun.  Like clockwork, before we even step out of the coop, she is there.  We also have a lemon cucumber and summer squash loving cow named Ellie.  We have recently discovered that she loves eating our split carrots and looks adorable to boot.  We might be biased but we think they are the happiest dairy cow and chickens this side of the Mississip!

Just a reminder about TOMATOES!  The time is now!  Several of our members have purchased some day old tomatoes which are great for canning season!  We’re offering them at a steal of a price, in bulk for canning purposes.  If anyone is interested in purchasing 10, 20, 40, 60 + lbs of tomatoes please let us know.  They make great sauce, sundried tomatoes, ketchup, jam and more for filling up your pantry or giving as Christmas gifts!  Last fall we put together a little tomato canning how-to and you can check it out here.

Also, on Tuesdays, due to the nature of the season, we will be making several deliveries before the drop and CSA pick up begins at 4:30.  We hope to be there a little earlier to slang some vegetables to the happy folks in NE/SE Portland but members should plan on the pick up starting at 4:30.

Thanks for all of your encouragement!  We look forward to seeing you all this week!  Don’t forget to bring your crates or any extra you might have laying around!

Faithfully yours,

your farmers

dirty hands, clean hearts

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