Hello friends

Another week begins as we make our way into autumn and welcome the change of the seasons.  Can you believe there are only 4 weeks left (after this) of the full season CSA?  On the one hand we can hardly believe the summer has already come and gone but on the other our farmer bodies feel a different way entirely.

There is such beauty to be found in nature and we all have the privilege of bearing witness to that each and every day. Our heirlooms tomatoes are having a big hurrah these past few weeks despite the chillier nights.  They’ve been slowing coming in over the past few months and now they hang from every vine on the tomato trellis.  In all colors of purple and green, yellow and red and every color in between.   Our cooler weather crops are looking better since those 90 degree days have past.  Lots of the beginning of the season tender greens are back and more delicious than ever so expect to see some of those in your box in the coming weeks!

Lately, our hearts have felt a wee bit lighter as many things have been checked off our lists in the past few weeks.. MILK!  we’re getting better at milking each and every day as Maribelle and Ellie are getting into the swing of working with two farmers who are learning what it truly means to be a farmer (it’s no 9-5, that’s for sure, and we wouldn’t have it any other way).  We’ve also been reaping the benefits of having so much raw and delicious jersey milk with Buttermilk pancakes (seriously, like you’ve never tasted before), fresh butter, ice cream (no sugar needed) and hopefully soon CHEESE & YOGURT!  If anyone is ready to try a 1/2 gallon of our farm fresh, nutrient rich, enzyme packed, raw milk (it tastes like drinking ice cream) or would like to try a sample please let us know!

Ellie has such a vibrant and loving personality and has been patient with us over the past month.  Although, she has certainly passed on her stubborn genes to Maribelle.  As we learn how to lead and facilitate a relationship with her she likes to drag her heels in the dirt as much as she can (and she’s pretty darn persistent too!).  She is getting stronger by the day and has nearly doubled in size since she was born 3 weeks ago.  She’s already chewing some grass and imitating most of mom’s moves in and out of the field and has the most impressive kicks we have ever seen.

Seed Saving & Transplants.  We’ve begun to save all our favorite tomato seeds from this year.  It’s such an fun and easy process that just about anybody can do at home (wink, wink).  We’ve also transplanted most of our next succession of crops in preparation for the fall csa.  We’re excited to see what the land will yield come the months of November & December.  If you haven’t already please check out our Fall CSA page where you’ll find information about the 6 week breakdown, the benefits and of course, how much it means to us for you to be a part of what makes this little farm thrive and survive.  We’d be happy to answer any further questions you may have and hope to see you all for a little bit longer in the year 2012.  It really has been a blast!

Honey harvest.  Wolf is almost finished gathering up the frames of honey from the boxes but there are many jobs to be done to extract it and jar it up for the coming year.  If anyone is interested in coming out on the dates below please let us know… we’d love to have you!  He’ll be(e) here from 11-5 on these days….

Wednesday, September 26th
Friday, September 28th

Friday Night Film on the Farm.  This week we’re watching O Brother, Where Out Thou?.  Movie starts at dusk (a little after 7pm) so aim to arrive 15 minutes early to enjoy the sunset, set up your chairs and say hello to your farmers!  Pack a picnic, snacks, a extra blanket for warmth and a jacket.  A $5 donation is appreciated.
Also, a very big thanks for bringing your crates last week!   Let’s keep it up this week and if you are unable to bring your crate back please bring a bag.  It makes our harvest days go more smoothly when we have everything that we need.  Thanks in advance!
Faithfully yours,
your farmers
dirty hands, clean hearts

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