December days on the farm…

Happy New Years friends & farm-ily!

Looking out the window on the last day of December 2012 the farm is covered in icy frost.  In just a few months time that frost will have lifted with the coming of Spring and we can hardly contain ourselves!  Until then we will be huddled up in the greenhouse, starting our plants for the Spring and Summer and getting ready for our biggest year yet!  We’re so excited to continue on in this journey and to share it all with you.  As you know, our 2013 sign up starts, TODAY, January 1st!   We will be limiting our CSA to the first 75 members to sign up so we encourage you to sign up as soon as possible.

You can read about the 2013 CSA here.  We have some exciting new changes in store for you all so please read carefully (below)!


The newest nest of eggs we found in a crate of dried lavender.  Only the best for the ladies of chateau poulet…

New Crops: A big thank you to all of our CSA members who filled out their CSA surveys last year and know your efforts help us meet more of your needs.  Weather permitting, we will be growing enough garlic to meet you household needs (which is already planted in the garden), we will be planting more types of onions so we have a consistent supply throughout the season, more heirloom sweet corn because we know you all love it and a few more verities of classic summer favorites.  And yes, we have planted lots and lots of strawberries!!!

Egg Shares: The ladies of Chateau Poulet have grown in numbers as demand has risen.  We will be keeping a flock of 100+ heritage birds next year and that means we need to sell eggs!  Our eggs are the most affordable organic free range eggs that you will find and the freshness and flavor of these deep yellow yolkers can’t be beat! (pun intended!)  Egg shares are selling for $130 a season which supplies you with a fresh dozen every week throughout the course of our 20 week CSA.  If you need more than a dozen a week just let us know and we will get you taken care of.  Remember eggs are limited and will go to CSA members on a first come first serve basis.


We’ve been making lots of delicious, rich butter and yogurt this winter!  Yum!

Home Delivery: We will be switching up our drop/delivery model for the 2013 season. We are going to focus our energy on Tuesdays for Home Delivery (delivery will take place anytime before 6pm) and Wednesdays and Thursdays for our farm pick-up day (farm pick up takes at our farm from 4 to 6pm).  This means that we will no longer have drop sites in Lake Oswego or in SE Portland but will offer, as a convenient alternative, home/office delivery!  Home delivery also allows those folks who would like to participate in the CSA but have varying schedules to become an important part of our farm. In order to qualify for home delivery you must live within 6 miles of the Burnside Bridge in downtown Portland. If you think you are located outside of our delivery range just Google map your home address.  If you know you are outside of our delivery range but still want to participate in our CSA send us an email and maybe we can work something out.  Last year was our first year experimenting with a home delivery CSA model and so far our members have loved it!

Cost: Our goal as farmers is to ensure that our community has access to the freshest possible produce and one of the ways we do that is by keeping it affordable while making sure Jess and I can sustain ourselves and the farm.  This year you will see a $1 to a $1.30 increase per week which will help us to absorb the rising costs of seed and organic amendments etc.

Farm Pick Up – $645 (We have raised the price from $625 to $645 that is an increase of $1 per week over 20 weeks.)

Home Delivery – $725 (We have raised the price of our home delivery option from $699 to $725 which is an increase of a $1.30 per week.)


Somebody turned 4 months old this past weekend… our sweet & not-so-little calf Maribelle…

Deposit: In order to reserve your share we require a $200 deposit that is non-refundable and is applied toward the total cost of the CSA.  The deposit is due within two weeks of submitting our online CSA form.  Once your deposit of $200 is received we will send you a confirmation email welcoming you to our CSA program.  We encourage, those members who can, to pay the total cost upon signing up. Remember that our CSA operates on a first come first serve basis, so sign up ASAP!

Here is the sign up form for 2013 season.  And if you have any further questions you can consult our Q&A section or send us an email.  We hope you will all be joining us again this year as we can’t imagine a season with out you!

Happiest of days to you all!

Jess & Brian

dirty hands, clean hearts


One of our lovely and most favorite hens, Finn.  


In the morning, when we rise…. (our greenhouse doors and the most intricate of icy patterns)


The ladies have taken to Maribelle and barn exploration this winter…