Hello Friends,

We’re just a day away from welcoming the first of Spring!  We’ve had an incredibly mild winter this year and are so thankful for it as we’ve planted 2,000 strawberry plants and over 8,500 onions over the course of the last two weekends (a big shout out to our friends who came to help plant strawberries!).  Our first round of seedlings are maturing and some are just popping up in the warmth of the greenhouse.  Our spring chickens are just about ready to be introduced to our flock and all will be comfortable and cozy for the ladies of Chateau Poulet.  Ellie and Maribelle are loving the lush green grass and couldn’t be happier or healthier on this little farm.  Truffle & Otis the guinea hogs have stirred up some trouble (breaking a pipe and making quite a splash aka mud bath on one of the warmer sunny days last week) but love running around on the pasture and grazing on the grass and, of course, being on the receiving end of some belly rubs.

Happy farmgirl news.  And for those who haven’t yet heard… we have some happy farm girl news!  Our very own farm girl -Jess- is featured (along with some other really great farm girls) in the April edition of MaryJanesFarm Magazine! It’s currently available at your local newsstand (New Seasons & Barnes & Nobles carries it on their shelves)!


Easter Eggs.  Place your orders for your very own Easter Egg-ers this week and next!  Our eggs come in a variety of colors and will make for a naturally wonderful dozen for Easter celebrations (not to mention the vibrant color of the egg yolks when soft or hard boiling)!  Such a treat!  See also this fun and natural way of using vegetables and spices to dye your eggs as well.  Such a fun process for kids and adults alike!

CSA Shares.  For those who want to sign up for the CSA we recommend signing up as soon as you can!  We are down to just a handful of farm pick up shares and Spring is always the time people start thinking about fresh produce (we know we are…)!  *Also, the last day to pay your remaining balance is May 1st*  Thanks for all of your support so far.. this farm and your farmers are constantly encouraged by the love and energy of it’s wonderful community and we think you guys are the best!
Local Food.  We heard this article on NPR and were moved to share it with our members (local food may feel good, but it doesn’t pay).  This is the part of farming that challenges us every year.  To work smarter, not harder as we scrape by season to season and keep our dream alive to be better, not bigger.  It’s hard making one “liveable wage” between two people (without health insurance) but, we do not lack hope, only it encourages us to be better farmers.  Each season of sweat, tears and hardworking hours we grow all the wiser.  We love what we do and we’re not going anywhere and slowly but surely we will make this work because we believe in it.  So, thank you for believing in us.
And, in case you missed it, our not-so-little Maribelle turned 6 months at the beginning of March.  Here’s a slideshow documenting just how quickly she’s gone from calf to cow and how much love we have in our hearts for her!
Cheers to the first of Spring & to a new season & to spending more time in our kitchens!
With many thanks & fond regards,
your farmers
Jess & Brian
dirty hands, clean hearts

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