When the community is connected to its soil the plants are not the only things to grow roots. – Farmer B


Hi CSA-ers,

Welcome to the farm-ily!  We had such a wonderful first week of harvest here on the farm thanks to you.  All of your encouragement (in person, through email and in kindly written notes) has been much appreciated!  Don’t ever stop being inspired to share your thoughts and let your farmers know what you’re cookin’ in the kitchen!  We love it!  Seriously guys, it’s been a great start to the season already.  With both our returning members and new members this season your two farmers are starting to really feel a part of something bigger (and it means more than we can say.)  We feel as if a strong, sturdy, inspiring, supportive and thoughtful foundation is being laid before us – one that could stand the test of time for many, many years. Your thoughts mean the world to us and make us happier farmers and ultimately a better and more productive farm!  It’s an incredible feeling and we thank you for all your positivity as we dive into week two!


The Return of the Rain.  We loved receiving all your words in regards to the recent return of the rain.  We take pride in the fact that our CSA members are paying attention to the effects that weather has on the crops (i.e. lying awake at night listening to the rain (like us) wondering how all the vegetables are fairing).  It’s both funny and wonderful when you start thinking about all the meals and food that is yet to be harvested – out there surviving in the elements – until it reaches your home and eventually your plate.  It’s an incredible journey that these veggies take from seed to fruit and you get to reap all the lovely benefits of their journey.  The rain hasn’t slowed anything down yet.  It’s funny what a few really soggy days will do for perspective.  Suddenly on those days when the sun bursts through with a little bit of wind you feel so thankful (and so do those strawberries).  Harvesting in the rain isn’t a farmgirl or guys favorite but we know there are many sunny, warm harvests ahead and will take our cool mornings while we have them.  Plus, it’s not all bad…  the brassicas and cool weather crops are sighing in relief while the summer crops are anxiously awaiting the return of summer.  It even looks as if the sun might return to these parts come this weekend… here’s hoping!

Your Favorite Veggie Recipes.  We decided that we’d love to ask for a few of everyone’s favorite veggie recipes to be included on the recipe page of our weekly CSA handout.  As the vegetables come up in season we’ll use 1 recipe (out of 3 or 4) as a CSA member’s favorite.  (Returning CSA-ers, here’s a chance to really shine by sharing some of your own favorites from last year)!   It’s inspiring to see what others are dishing up in their own homes and to introduce new flavors and combinations of things to your own home cooked meals.  Feel free to email them to us when you’re thinking of it and we’ll use them throughout the season.


Eggs.  ‘Tis the season for an extra dozen or two of eggs.  The ladies of Chateau Poulet have been laying like champions due to all the copious amounts of sunlight (even longer days are ahead of us) and rich, lush, spring pasture and welcome you to support their cause!  Whether you’d like to buy extras in addition to your egg share or buy a dozen separately they are available to all.  For farm pick ups, we will have extra dozens available in the fridge – please check with your farmers first about available quantities.   For home delivery, if you are interested in purchasing a dozen please send us an email with your order!

Returning Your Crate.  It’s really important to return your crate each week (an empty crate in exchange for one bounding with produce, sounds pretty good, right?).  We believe that building crates is more sustainable for our farm – more than cardboard or plastic – as we will use them for years to come.  Making crates takes a lot of time and energy but what more beautiful way to distribute your veggies from farm to table.  It’s a small but very important role that you play in order to make this CSA flow smoothly and we thank you in advance for helping us in that regard.  You guys are crate! (get it)?  For Home Delivery, please leave your empty crate where your CSA box was distributed the previous week.  If you have any questions please let us know!



Reuse Egg Cartons, Berry Boxes & Rubber Bands.  Thanks to all of those members who came to pick ups with egg cartons in their hands (or even picked up on our deliveries).  It was such a simple and wonderful gesture that really made us feel like part of a community.  So thank you and keep it up!  We also reuse our berry boxes and rubber bands.  It’s a great way for us all to reduce the amount of waste we produce, save the farm some money and create a lesser impact on good ole mother nature. (Farmer Brian says, no egg cartons with egg shells, please).

Many, many thanks for all of your support and encouragement!  The transformation of eating fresh is upon us all.  Take notice and take pride in the way that you will feel over the course of this journey, be inspired to try new things and like one of our members said to us recently, give yourselves a pat the back for joining a CSA this season!  We feel honored and excited to get to know each of you better this season and to be able to produce fresh food from our farm to your table.

Our kindest regards,

Your farmers

Jess & Brian

dirty hands, clean hearts

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