Hey friends & farm-ily!

Boy, have we been having some beautiful weather on our off-harvest days.  Flowers are blooming everywhere in the garden making it incredibly easy to anticipate the summer goodies that are just around the corner..  Looking ahead it seems like another week of potentially rainy harvests but it takes a lot more than that to get these farmers down.  The plants could definitely use a few more rainy days before the summer days of dry & heat return for good – especially the garlic, potatoes & onions – as they make there final growing push in the next month or so before harvest.

There are a few exciting celestial events happening this upcoming weekend… the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, is just a few days away (on Friday) &  a “supermoon,” the closest the moon will be in 2013 will be happening on Sunday.  We certainly feel all the energy as we’ve been working pretty late in the fields this month.  We’ve been getting better at taking breaks during the hottest times of the late afternoon/early evening to make dinner and get back out in the fields at 7 for a few hours.  We call 7-9pm the “magic hours” here on the farm… from the low, glimmering sunlight to the cooler breeze – it’s just such a joy to be out in the garden getting our hands dirty.  The animals love it too – they’re all out there filling their bellies – in the settling of the day – before perching or laying down for the night.  On the farm, we’re all ready to hit the hay hard by the end of the evening.


Movie Nights.  We’re still working on borrowing a digital projector for our summer movie nights.  If anyone has any leads or ideas about where to find/borrow one we’d appreciate it!  Some of our favorite evenings on the farm last summer were watching old movies out in the field amongst the growing garden.  Being out there at night was neat, as it helps to give a new perspective on the place the surrounds you.  Plus… Picnics & blankets, the most beautiful sunsets you can imagine, night time country sky with stars, and new friends… couldn’t be better.

CSA Members Potluck.  We’re excited about our members potluck at the end of July.  Mark your calendars for Saturday July, 27th from 11-2 pm.  It will be a laid back afternoon where everyone should bring a potluck dish, sun hats & your smiles!  We encourage members to bring a guest if they’d like.  It will be a day to get to know your farmers, your community and share in the beauty of your  farm.  Your farmers will be making a small presentation of sorts (around noon) and will be plenty of time for good conversation, good food & meeting fellow members in your community.  It’s a great time to slow down & enjoy the beauty of the farm when it’s in “full bloom.”  We’re hoping that weekend will be good for the majority of our members as we know the summertime weekends quickly fill up on the ol’ calendar!


Two Farmers, One Farm.  In the first 4 weeks of harvest, your farmers have distributed 2,100 pound of produce to our CSA members.  All of that produce has been grown thoughtfully and with love.  Prepped, Seeded, transplanted, weeded & harvested by 2 sets of hands (yes, each and every berry was picked by farmer Jess or farmer Brian).  That puts us on track to grow and distribute 18,000 pounds of organic fruits and vegetables.  Two farmers on a three acre veggie garden, “can’t feed the world” – well, I’m guessing you know how WE feel about that.  It’s a pretty amazing number and we look forward to seeing how much more we grow in the next 5-6 months.

Crates, egg cartons, berry boxes.  You guys have been the BEST about returning crates.  Let’s keep it up as we head into week 5 of the CSA.  It’s great for your farmers to not sweat the small stuff… we can just focus on filling up those boxes for you week to week!


Farm Compost & Farm Animal Snacks.  In keeping with a more sustainable farm model (and since everything in nature moves in circles) we will be keeping a few bins at the farm pick ups for our compost pile & pig/chicken snacks.  If you happen to have any leftover greens, tops, bit n pieces etc from any Working Hands Farm related produce feel free to bring it in your own container and disperse it in the appropriate farm bin.  The garden and animals thank you in advance! <go team go!>

We look forward to seeing you all soon.. until then, enjoy the start of your week!

Our best to you all,

your farmers

Jess & Brian

dirty hands, clean hearts

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