Hi Friends & Farm-ily,

Well, we made it… here we are at Week 20 of the Spring & Summer CSA!  We hope you all survived the storm that has been making its way through the Northwest the past 4 days.  Those days of never ending rain, gray and wind made us believers that Summer has indeed left us and that Fall is here.   Despite the gloom, the temperatures are still fairly mild and we don’ t see a frost on the near horizon.  The warm(er) rain has turned our tomato plants to mush and we’ll be busy harvesting “green tomatoes” this week in hopes to extend our tomato season into the Fall/early Winter.

The sun finally made an appearance this afternoon and it felt like instant energy.   It felt so good to get our hands dirty without all the sideways rain, gusty winds and sinking muck boots.  Those days where you feel like you can never get dry.  Thanks to the sun we finished up the task of collecting all our winter squash so that it can cure for a few weeks and store for the months ahead!  We’re praying for a succession of sunny days this week so that we can begin our sweet potato harvest, lay some irrigation pipes, grab up our second succession of beans, begin rolling up and storing all our drip tape for irrigation, collect storage tomatoes, hang up all our hot peppers to dry etc.  So, if you think of it, send a little sunshine your farmers way!


Ellie looking out longingly… awaiting a break in the rain (the animals were “cooped” up in the barn all weekend)

The rain gave your farmers a chance to pause for some reflection and appreciation.  Every year, it gets a little better and this season has been our best yet!  The past 5 months have truly been an amazing and successful season.  All the variety, all the fruits, all the sun kissed, fresh picked goodness!  We’re proud and happy to grow, feed and nourish our community.  Thank you for trusting in us to feed your families and for making the choice to buy direct and to invest in your local farm. You have all made a positive impact on your farmers ( your environment, your family & friends) and we appreciate the support, encouragement and thoughtfulness!    Farming is in our bones and we feel so thankful to have a community that values nutrient rich, fresh food, thoughtful growing practices, good ol’ fashioned hard work and heartfelt passion.  It’s been an amazing ride and we’re so excited for this year’s Fall CSA & the Spring/Summer season of 2014!  Keep your eyes open for sign ups in January of next year.

What have been some of your favorite vegetables this year?


The winter squash is harvested and curing awaiting some magical roasting this Fall..

The Fall CSA begins next week!  We’re super excited to slow down a little bit and enjoy the cooler weather with some home cooking, baking, roasting, toasting yeah!  Remember to check which day you signed up for in the weeks ahead.  CSA pick up will now be from 4:00 – 7:00 pm.  Your farmers will be available during pick up times from 4-5pm during the Fall CSA and will leave the lights on for folks who come later on (can you believe it will be dark by 5 again?)  There are plenty of crops to look forward to this Fall so get ready!

Last minute crates!  If anyone has any crates hanging around from the Spring & Summer CSA please bring them with you to pick-ups (or leave them out for delivery) this week.  Most of them have been returned (A BIG THANK YOU) and there are just a few out there roaming about in the World.  You guys rock!


Storing up for the winter.. it’s how these farmers survive the 6-7 months of rain

Truffle update.  We’re on piglet watch this week (her due date is on the 4th!) and we’re getting excited.  We’re happy she decided not to have the piglets during the storms over the weekend and are eagerly waiting for those little ones to arrive.  Hopefully there will be some piglet pictures in next week’s newsletter!

Thank you again for all your support.  Two farmers, One farm, dirty hands, clean hearts…

All the best and see you soon!  Stay dry out there.


Ms. Houdini might make it into our Christmas card this year

your farmers

Jess & Brian

dirty hands, clean hearts

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