Hi Friends & Farm-ily,

Hope you all have been enjoying the goodies so far!  We’re pleased to be going into our 3rd week of the Fall CSA (and still without our first real frost).  70’s during the day and in the 30’s a night is a very stark contrast and it’s got your farmers wondering what’s up with Mother Nature this Fall (must be making up for all the rain in cold we had in September).  In any case, the sunshine and good weather sure does help when you’re moving one farm to the other.

We feel like we blinked and it was the start of the week already… must be all of the sunshine and productivity here on the farm.  Farmer Brian and crew have made some serious progress on the barn siding.  We’re hoping by the end of the week we’ll be able to move all our storage crops inside as well as Ellie & Maribelle’s food source for the winter.  A dry place also means the beginning of moving all our farm, equipment, animals, greenhouse, tools, shade structure etc.  We imagine taking it piece by piece for the next 5 weeks or so.


More of our summer crop blocks have been tilled in awaiting to be cover cropped.  The new Chateau Poulet is also coming along.  We’ve been working on it in the wee hours before harvest/siding and just before sunset.  Hopefully we’ll be able to put in some serious man-hours this weekend and get Chateau Poulet up and running so that sometime in November we can move all the ladies over.

Harvest went well last week (with Farmer Jess on her solo mission) and we’re both feeling blessed for the endless energy, inspiration, excitement and sunshine.  Not to mention, our awesome members who keep us smiling and stored up on good energy!  Thanks for that!

Miss Truffle’s piglets are thriving and are starting to look like little linebackers.  These days, despite the chilly morning temperatures and the call of the heat lamp and a good pig pile, they are just as eager to be fed in the morning as mama.  They are in and out and all over Truffle’s feeding trough eager to see what’s for breakfast (besides mama’s milk).  So far their favorites seem to be beets, rotten melon, apple & pumpkin.  We are still figuring out their accommodations at the new farm but know they will be excited for there are many a fallen walnut and rotten apple at their disposal aka piggy paradise.


Eggs.  Just a friendly reminder that “egg shares” don’t carry through to the Fall CSA and we are offering them for purchase during the pick-ups at $7.50/dozen.  Their supplemental feed is made up of whole grains that are local, organic AND gmo free.  Can’t get these delicious pasture-raised eggs at the grocery store!

Crates & Recipes.  Please remember your crates this week.  And if you’ve enjoyed any new recipes be sure to email them our way!  We love sharing and trying new recipes!

Enjoy the week!  It’s another double duty week for your farmers (with siding the barn and harvesting) so wish us luck!  We’ll be available from 4-5pm at the pick ups and look forward to seeing you all soon!

Many thanks,

Jess & Brian

dirty hands, clean hearts

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