Hey Friends & Farm-ily,

We’ve made it to week 6… which means there is only one more week of pick-up left for our Fall CSA!  We’ve had an amazing time with the Fall CSA this season – such a wonderful bounty with incredibly thoughtful & amazing CSA members!


Turnip the beet!  Next week’s “double share…”  Next week you will be picking up shares for week 7 & 8.  This is a great way to spread the love during the Thanksgiving holiday!  Most of the veggies are storage crops and can be kept for weeks and weeks (some even months). Storage onions, potatoes, winter squash will all keep in a cool place. Root veggies such as carrots, parsnips, turnips, beets, rutabaga & leeks & cabbage too will all keep in the fridge (when preparing to store carrots, beets and other root vegetables in plastic bags in the refrigerator, sprinkle in a few drops of water as you pack each bag. Ideally, a few drops of condensation should form inside the bags after they have been well-chilled in the fridge.)  Blanching and freezing is also great for any extra hardy greens, carrots, or broccoli.


Depending on what Mother Nature is up to we might have some extra goodies for harvest during the month of December.  For those interested in purchasing greens, storage crops, eggs & other goodies throughout December please let us know and we’ll keep you updated week by week of what we have available here on the farm.

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Progress, progress, progress… We are getting there!  Thanks to the help of our dear friends – Beth & Erik – we were able to disassemble our green house this weekend.  It took about two days but we did it (thanks to the help of our tractor… that machine gets MVP for all the things it’s helped us accomplish this year…)!  The new chicken coop is finished and awaiting the arrival of our ladies.  This week, we’ll begin building out a few stalls in the barn for Ellie and Maribelle and make plans for pig shelters and fences.  We’re cruising right along now and it’s only a matter of time before we’re moved over completely!  <big farmer smiles & high fives>

It’s been an exciting process this year and we’ve never worked harder.  We welcome the hard work and although it’s made for some long days we have chosen to live this life because we believe in it.   Thanks for believing in us and being the best kind of positive reinforcement these two farmers could get.  We so appreciate it and can’t wait to share in the beauty, the bounty, the hard work and the excitement during the 2014 season at the new farm! Cheers to that!

Crates!  As we begin to wind down our Fall season we will be keeping an eye on our crate inventory.  If you have any crates piling up at your house be sure to bring them by to this week’s pick up.  You have all been great about returning crates this season and we so appreciate it!  Thanks so much in advance.


Favorite Thanksgiving Day recipes.  Have any veggie related turkey day recipes that you’d like to share?  Feel free to email them our way for next week’s recipe handout!  Yum.

Just a heads up… we have taken the green house down but most of its metal parts won’t make it to the new farm until next weekend.  The metal pieces are around the periphery but please be mindful when parking and exiting the parking lot this week!

Enjoy the start of your week and we’ll see you all soon…

Our best,

your farmers

Jess & Brian

dirty hands, clean hearts

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