There’s nothing more relaxing than a freshly mowed  & organized farm (Gloucester thinks it helps with hunting purposes…)

Happy Solstice friends & farm-ily!

The solstice has come and gone which means a few things on the farm…. we’ve been EXTRA productive with these long days (seriously, on top of seeding, weeding and planting like mad farmers, rotating all the animals etc Brian decided to mow the entire farm) and it also means that Farmer Jess is only 3 days away from turning 30 (cue in this song).  2014 is already shaping up to be a pretty darn good year for us and the farm….

Two farmers, One farm.  In 5 weeks of harvest we’ve distributed 6,800lbs of produce to our members! All of that produce has been grown thoughtfully and with love.  Prepped, Seeded, transplanted, weeded & harvested by 2 sets of hands (yes, each and every berry was picked by farmer Jess or farmer Brian).  That puts us on track to grow and distribute over 40,000lbs of produce this season.   It’s a pretty amazing number and we look forward to seeing how much more we grow in the next 5-6 months.  **Last year at this time we had distributed 2,100 lbs of produce to our members which means that the weather is working with us and your farmers are improving and learning from years past.  This is our 5th season running the CSA and every year it just gets better and better.**


The cutest cucumber, running melons and sweet fragrant basil.. must be summer after all…

Each share has had a minimum of 10-12 items with a handful of new veggie varieties in the box each week!  Although it was an unseasonably dry Spring it’s shaping up to be our most productive season yet.  Of course, with every season that comes and goes your farmers are becoming better.  With farming there can be a steep learning curve but we’ve learned to adopt this mantra – stop, look, go – that keeps us aware of the little things (the soil, the plants, the fruit, the bugs, you name it) and helps us to prioritize what’s next on the list and keeps us focused and productive.  We believe in what we do (7 days a week, 24 hours a day) and love the way good food makes our community feel.  By putting so much love into the soil, the farm, the animals and our members we all become more productive and it’s so important because as we all know.. time is short and  life goes so quick!

Thank you all for your appreciation, inspiration and general awesomeness.  Our Tuesday morning harvest is always a good reminder that this is what we get to do everyday and that everyday is truly a gift!  Here we go Week 6….


Our old broken farm truck and an after evening walk puppy snuggle .. the right kind of balance..

July 12th – Farm Day for CSA Members!  Yippee! This is a great opportunity for our CSA members to come out, see the farm, chat with their farmers and fellow CSA members as well as take a farm tour to see all our happy livestock!  Come on out at 11 am on Saturday, July 12th for a farm tour and potluck.  Farm tour will begin at 11am and a potluck lunch at noon (12pm).  Please bring a potluck dish, your own plates & forks & protective sunwear! Your farmers will be making a small presentation of sorts and there will be plenty of time for good conversation, good food & meeting fellow members in your community!  There will be an RSVP to follow….

Farm Goods for Sale! 


With all of our farm goods we believe in offering the best possible product to our members and community – a product that you simply can’t find in the store….


Organic Pasture Raised Chicken Now Available!  We’ve made some big farmer steps this season and we are happy and proud to say that we have Freedom Ranger Fryers available for purchase exclusively to our CSA members! Please check your email regarding purchasing information and order forms.


Just about to pop – my volunteer sunflowers that I transplanted and those sweet little lost boys (Curly, Nibs, Tootles & Slightly)…

Egg Shares Available! Our young layers are well on their way to being a productive part of the flock which means we have a handful of egg shares available for purchase.  Egg shares are available on a first come, first serve basis which means the early bird gets the worm!  These 14 week egg shares will start the week of July 1st until the week of September 29th.  A prorated cost of $105 for a single egg share or $210 for a double egg share.  Please sign up and fill out the form on Our Egg Share Page and bring payment this week to begin pick up next week (the week of July 1st)! 


Final CSA Payment due by July 1st.  Final CSA payment is due by July 1st (only a week away)!   Please bring your check to the weekly CSA pick-up this week, or, if you prefer you can mail your check to our farm mailing address: 7705 SW River Rd. Hillsboro, OR 97123.  There will be a CSA check jar by the sign-in sheet during the CSA pick-ups.


From seed to field… transitions never stop… day to day, season to season.. we must enjoy each moment!

And last but certainly not least… remember your crates!  Thanks for all your returns last week.. sure makes it easier on your farmers when we have plenty of crates to start the week of with.  Egg Cartons.  Please only return our Working Hands Farm egg cartons.

We look forward to see you all this week…

With kindest regards,

your farmers

Jess & Brian

dirty hands, clean hearts

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