Good mornin’ friends & farm-ily,

Well, we did it!  What a week/weekend it was… we made it through a succession of 90+ degree days and managed to pull off a beautiful farm wedding with the help of all our amazing family and friends.  We thank you all for your well wishes and endless support.  We’re so thrilled to be where we are – together – as hubby and wife.

 It was incredible to celebrate with friends and family on the days leading up to and at the wedding. The community that surrounds us is one that fills our World with love, kindness, and inspiration.  We are absolutely amazed (and thankful) at what a group of very willing & motivated friends and family can accomplish when love is the driving force. The farm has never felt so full and warm. It truly feels more like home after so many familiar faces left an everlasting imprint on our hearts and in the dirt. 

After a week in the presence of those we love most we feel truly grateful and very ready (and in love) for this new adventure. Endless possibilities….



Your farmers clean up nice.  I don’t think we’ve ever felt so handsome.  Thanks to Meaghin Kennedy of These Salty Oats for this beautiful picture!

We will be back soon with our farm newsletter with lots of happy updates from the farm!

Many Hands Make Light Work – Potato Dig.  Nothin’ like a big potato harvest after your wedding (someone told me it’s not the 16th century and I don’t have to dig taters the day before  my wedding ha!)  We’re so excited to harvest these gorgeous gems.  Please let us know if you are interested as we’ll begin (and hopefully finish) it all over the weekend and we’ll need helpin’ hands.  We plan on harvesting potatoes starting on Friday or Saturday and invite those who like to get their hands dirty to come out to the farm and lend a hand.  Come out for an hour or stay a few – we appreciate any help we can get.   Send us an email for the details and if you’re thinking about joining us!

Please remember to bring your crates this week.  We look forward to seeing you all soon and enjoy the week!

Your Farmers

Jess & Brian

dirty hands, clean hearts