Hi Friends and Farm-ily,

We hope you were all able to stay cool with the extremely hot weather over the weekend. It looks like the 90’s are here to stay in the 10-day as we enter the very first days of July.  We’re doing our best to keep the pace with these 15 hour days – starting with the rising of the sun and ending with the light of the moon.  Time is moving by so quickly and we can hardly believe that the 4th of July is this weekend!  Much to our surprise we even saw the first blackberries ripening on the vine which we don’t usually start seeing until we’re at least half way through with July.  Crazy!

Volunteer Work Day. Many Hands, Make Light Work It’s (almost) July which means in the next few weeks we will be harvesting our storage onions (all 6,000ft of them)! Please send us an email if you are interested in coming to help (it will be sweaty, hard work) and we will keep you updated with all the details!   Here’s hoping for a few cloudy days in our future…


Happy Update!  We finished up the last bits of construction on the 12ft x 20ft coolbot cooler in the back of our packing house. Fist pumps and high fives all around. This will be a gamechanger for us on the farm and we’ll spend the next few weeks figuring out what methods of storage work best for all the different crops that we grow. This will offer some flexibility to our harvest days especially with all the extreme heat that we’ve been experiencing.  We’ve said it before and we will say it again, infrastructure is everything and we are so pumped for the exciting changes this will bring!  Here’s to growing better!

Speaking of crops, the summer veggies are coming along beautifully and we’re seeing lots of baby melons, peppers, eggplant, cherry tomatoes and the first baby winter squash etc. We’ve been checking the tomatoes everyday for the first ripe maters in the field and we feel like it’s close. It won’t be long now…

j&b copy

Farmer Jess welcomed her 31st year over the weekend.  To celebrate she spent some time with the bees and added another medium to all the hives and seeded another round of successions for fall crops.  One of our really good friends (and fellow farmer), Farmer Beth (@evenpullfarm) was kind enough to drop off a big glorious birthday bouquet from their beautiful farm.  It truly is the little things that matter especially with the kind of season we’ve had this year (busier than ever).

It’s the little things… Thank you all for your encouraging notes, emails and cool treats that you’ve sent our way. We truly appreciate all your good thoughts.  The long days continue on as we’ve been tackling projects of all sizes big and small.  The bees even gave Jess an early birthday present in the shape of a heart on their hive this weekend (bees will “beard” on the front of a hive when they are trying to cool everything down… first time we’ve ever seen a bearding in the shape of a heart!)


Here we grow Week 7!  Be well and enjoy this week’s bounty!

With kind regards,

your farmers

Jess & Brian

dirty hands, clean hearts