Hi Friends & Farm-ily,

We hope the first week of September has treated you all well.  It sure has been gorgeous weather with cooler nights and even some cloudy days mixed in.  The 10-day looks like we’re back in the 80’s and 90’s but we know Fall is just a few short weeks away.  Time to soak in all the goodness that the end of summer has to offer.  To enjoy the bounty and flavors of the season!

It’s getting to be time to cure the winter squash and sweet potatoes and we are looking forward to beginning that process this weekend (maybe after the 90 degree weather has passed…)  It’s been a great season for squash and most of our pumpkins have already turned orange (it’s going to be an early Halloween this year!)  And next thing ya know we’ll be planting garlic for next season!  It’s crazy how time flies…


Over the next month we will be slowly transitioning into our cooler weather crops. The summer crops are still performing with all the heat and sun but as the days get shorter and the nights get cooler the Fall veggies will start to shine. The summer harvests have been so plentiful… we’re looking forward to the shorter days, to give these farmer bodies a little bit of re-coop time. This is the time of the season where our backs feel it the most – 50 lb harvest crates x 3 days (and 100+ shares) can add up to a lot of pounds of produce being harvested and carried around the farm… Not to mention the walking. We haven’t put a pedometer on in a while but we’d bet we’ve been easily walking 20+ miles each day. Morning and evening chores will surely seem a bit easier when all the critters are moved up closer to the barn over the winter.

We only have a few more loads of hay to go before the barn is stocked with goodies for the critters that will nourish them through the late fall and winter months.  Miss Rosie the pig is due in less than a week with her second litter of piglets.  She appears to be very pregnant and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of her piglets.  She’s been in great health the whole summer through and we are hoping all goes well for her and the babies.

We’ll be prepping to plant and seed in the greenhouse this week and chasing the last of the summer sun. This will extend the season of our more tender crops as well as the first round of Spring crops come February… always thinking ahead…. Especially with our winter CSA this year!


WHF Winter CSA!  We sent out information over the weekend to our CSA members in regards to our first ever Winter CSA program!  Thank you to all those who have sent an email and mailed/or plan to drop off your deposits!  We will be limiting the Winter CSA so if you haven’t yet contacted us and would like to be on the Winter Share waiting list please send us an email and we will happily add you to the list.

WHF Pastured Pork!  We have our fall pastured pork shares, sausage link shares available!  As well as unrendered leaf lard and pork back fat for all your cooking, baking and soap making needs.  Check the Order Up! email later today for more details.

CSA Member Farm Day! Mark your calendars..  Our CSA Member Farm Day is set for Saturday, September 26th from 11am – 1pm.  This is a great opportunity for our CSA members to come out, see the farm, chat with their farmers and fellow CSA members as well as take a farm tour to see all our happy livestock and enjoy a potluck meal!  Members will also have the opportunity to pick out one pumpkin per share.  This is a weather dependent event with a proper invitation to follow!  Please note: As we are two farmers and a small farm with limited space it is important to limit one household per share for the tour.


Enjoy the week and we will see you all soon!

All the best,

Your farmers

Jess & Brian

dirty hands, clean hearts