“The leveling of the water, its increase,

the gathering of many into much:

in the cold dusk I stop

midway of the creek, listening

as it passes downward

loud over the rocks, under

the sound of the rain striking,

nowhere any sound

but the water, the dead

weedstems soaked with it, the

ground soaked, the earth overflowing.

And having waded all the way

across, I look back and see there

on the water the still sky.”

– The Winter Rain, by Wendell Berry


Hi Friends & Farm-ily,

It’s been a crazy week in the ol’ pacific northwest hasn’t it? Or, atleast perhaps the rainiest December on record!  Thank you all for your good thoughts the past week.  The flood waters are receding slowly but surely after the major flooding and we’re happy to see the pasture reemerge after being under water for so long.

The crest of the flood was last Thursday afternoon at 134.2ft. Major flood stage in our area is at 134 ft and above. Since then it has been receding slowly. The Tualatin River in our location typically moves at 4600 cfs and is currently moving more than 3x the normal speed at 15000 cfs. The rain has been off and on, heavy at times… It’s been an extra soggy week everywhere on the farm. The flood came up about 15ft from our high tunnel but that’s as close as it got to our main garden area. We did lose fencing and a few beds of trial crops that were planted in the lower sections. Hydrology is such an interesting thing. We now know more than we did before and will be better prepared in the future.


We feel thankful.. even with the long nights and anxiety we know we are the lucky ones. So many farmers in Tillamook County had to evacuate their animals in the middle of the night. Driving tractors with stock trailers full of animals through standing water. We really can’t imagine how scary that must have been. We continue to keep those farmers in our thoughts.   The farmers and critters here at WHF were safe and sound during this extra stormy week.. should be just another week or so before this here lake/moat turns back into our unnamed creek and the Tualatin River.

Historically, the largest flood this area has seen reached 137ft. which would be just to the barn area. The house and garden are set at 140-145ft which is well out of harms way.  Fingers crossed we never see a flood bigger than that in our lifetime.  We did get quite a bit of rain though and are hoping for some drier days ahead to give the ol’ garden a break from the slog (and the slugs and slime that follow such wet weather).


During the rainier days we spent time looking through our 2015 CSA season photos and updating ol’ WHF website. There is so much excitement and anticipation surrounding a new growing year. So many opportunities to grow better and new veggies to try (let the seed catalog ordering begin)!  Brian and I are getting really excited to begin sign ups for our 2016 CSA season on January 1st!   So mark your calendars and stay tuned for another year of endless possibilities.

And a friendly reminder that this week is the last CSA pick up of 2015!   There will not be a CSA pick up next week – the week of Christmas (12/23) or the week of January 1st  (12/30).  The Winter CSA will resume on Wednesday, January 6th!

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Stay warm and dry out there!


With kind regards,

Your Farmers

Jess & Brian

dirty hands, clean hearts