Summer sunsets, finishing up our epic garlic harvest and seeding all the trays for fall!  

Hi Friends & Farm-ily,

It’s been quite a nice welcome to summer hasn’t it? The summer crops are sure loving the quick change of warmer days and nights. We’re seeing blossoms all over the place – tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, squash and cucumbers. It’s always crazy that while we’re gearing up for heavy summer harvests we’re busy seeding and planting for the Fall and Winter garden. Talk about being in two places at once!

We finished our epic garlic harvest over the weekend and it is currently in the loft of the barn curing. One of our awesome members asked what it meant to cure onions and garlic in the Member Group and we thought it would be nice to share why we cure them here too. It takes about 100+ days from planting for an onion to fully mature. At this time it’s top will fall over and we stop watering. It’s outer most leaves will begin to dry. We then do a massive onion harvest and put them in a dry, well ventilated space void of stark light so that they continue to dry (aka cure). Onions are considered cured when the neck is tight and the outer skins/papers are dry. This condition is reached when onions have lost 3-4% of their weight (i.e. losing moisture through respiration). It’s an important step in order to increase storageability. If they aren’t cured they won’t last long because there is too much moisture -the biggest culprit being “neck rot”. **Walla wallas are a fresh eating onion and even when cured will only last a few months. **we also cure garlic for the same reasons!


The first cherry tomatoes are ripening! CSA pick up this week and Week 6 Share..

Farmer Jess welcomed her 32nd year on Monday.  To celebrate Farmer Brian made her an awesome new farm cart.   It truly is the little things that matter especially with the kind of season we’ve had this year (busier than ever). This is what Farmer B had to say about it, “A big thanks to Josh Volk of Slow Hand Farm for making the plans for his design free (or for a donation) on his website The cart is really well thought out and carries a couple hundred pounds with relative ease. It can clear 24″ tall crops and we built it on 60″ centers so it can be conveniently pushed or pulled down our rows during harvest. I also like that the table top is low so you don’t have to lift crates higher than your arms hang to load it. It cost us about $250 to build with all new materials. And most importantly Jess gives it two thumbs up. “


The Winter squash are really taking off, gloucester approves of the new farm cart & taking it on it’s maiden voyage..

A few fun little updates.. our young layers started laying their first eggs last week. They’ve adjusted in with all our older hens perfectly and are a really friendly and low key bunch. We expect to have more egg shares available in the next month or so and will keep everyone posted. Progress on the red pole barn continues and concrete is going in on Friday! It looks like it will be done just in time to cure 12,000 onions in there in early August. [insert crazy farmer face here :P]

Thank you all for your encouraging notes, emails and sweet treats (and even meals!) that you’ve sent our way this season. We truly appreciate all your good thoughts.  The long days continue on as we’ve been tackling projects of all sizes big and small.  All the hard work pays off – the shares are amazing and bountiful this week and we hope you enjoy all the goodies.   Be sure to check in on the CSA Member Facebook Group here:  for more recipe ideas! We’re so impressed with all the great work your accomplishing in your kitchens! The WHF Member Group continues to be a big source of inspiration and lightness in our long days. We appreciate you all!


Old & New – Our favorite and trusted harvest knives, a farmers shadow, and last week’s romaines we’re huuuuuuuge!

Pastured Pork!  With the coming of summer it’s officially grilling season!  We have over 10 different kinds of pastured pork sausages available on the WHF Online Farmstore as well as many other beautiful cuts of pork.  We slow cooked some pork shoulder butts over night and had the most amazing pulled pork sandwiches the days to follow.  Be sure to check out our farmstore here:!  All orders can be conveniently picked up on your CSA pick up day.

With Kind Regards,

Jess & Brian

dirty hands, clean hearts