Hi Friends & Farm-ily,

Whoo hoo!  We’re officially SOLD OUT for the 2016 Winter CSA Season!  If you’d like to be added to our waiting list please fill out the sign up form here: https://workinghandsfarm.com/winter-csa-sign-up/ and we’ll email you should a share become available!  Thank you to all of our amazing CSA members both new and old who have signed up for the 2016 Winter CSA season!  We’re really excited for the upcoming season.

Phew! We hope you all are keeping cool (somehow) with this crazy heatwave.  The whirlwind that is August has scooped us up and we are anticipating the shorter days of Fall that are just a month away! We had a really productive past week and have been gutting it through the heat with harvest, watering, planting, seeding and everything in between. The heat wave will continue through Saturday and its safe to say that we look forward to the “cooler” 80* days on the horizon!


In order to beat the heat we’ve pulled some extra early/extra late evenings which makes a huge difference (our brains don’t work when it’s this hot).   Not to mention all the heavy lifting summer harvests!  Speaking of harvests… we’ve officially reached Week 14 of our CSA which means we’re halfway through our 28-week Spring/Summer season. Over the course of 14 weeks, Brian and I have sown, grown, harvested and distributed 40,000lbs of produce to our awesome CSA members. That puts us on track for distributing over 80,000 lbs for the 2016 summer season (that’s a whole lot of lifting, carrying, washing, displaying etc)! Brian and I love what we do and we couldn’t do it without the exceptional group of CSA members that has rallied around our farm. Thank you for believing in us and in your community.

Farmer Brian adds, “This is how we make it (change) happen. You give us money and we will grow you the best damn organic vegetables we can, while paying ourselves a livable wage and making the land we steward better for generations to come.”


We also put up our first 5 tons of hay last Friday and another 5 tons this morning.  It feels good to see the hay stacking up in the loft as it means a herd of happy cows this winter.  We were also able to plant over 2,000 linear ft of Fall and winter crops this past week which feels good! Making dents in the planting schedule and taking it day by day. We’ve been planting in the early evening after harvest and sometimes before harvest with the more mild weather. The 100* degree days will set us back a little bit but hopefully we’ll be able to take the bull by the horns and get the big pushes done in the next few weeks. We have several large sized plantings set for the next few weeks and it sure will feel good to almost be over the August hump.

We’ve been keeping the pace and taking good care of each other. Finding a balance while digging deep. It’s amazing to work side by side with the one I love. Together we rise.  We pride ourselves on our health and strength and it helps to know just how much you’ve been enjoying the weekly harvests (thanks for sharing the goodness of what you’ve been whipping up in the kitchen!) 😉 We’re taking care of ourselves though and eating well (so many calories) and getting a good nights sleep. As the work days grow shorter we look forward to the recouping and respite that the change of season brings. Until then, we ride! And we’ll do it all, one day at a time.


Pastured Pork Sale!  Our Fall Pork will be coming back from the processor very soon, so over the next few weeks in order to make room in our freezers we are having a Summer Pork Sale! Here’s the link: http://workinghandsfarmstore.com/collections/all  We have an amazing selection of USDA recipes and cuts that make our pastured heritage pork shine! Products available by the share and by individual cuts.  Uncured & Nitrite-Free** Items!  Over 10 different kinds of Fresh & Smoked Sausages!   

By purchasing our Pork shares you are playing a crucial part in sustaining our farm.  Thank you  in advance for your support!  know your farmer, know your food!  All orders will be ready to pick up on your CSA pick up day!

Also:  Bulk Tomatoes SOON!  With all the hot weather the tomatoes will be poppin’!


All the best and take good care in this heat wave!

Your farmers

Jess & Brian

dirty hands, clean hearts