Dear CSA member,

Jess and I commit to using only organic and thoughtful methods to produce each years CSA bounty.  We will only provide products through our CSA that we grow and produce on our own farm.  We are not distributers and we never will be.  We commit to growing better instead of bigger.  Every year we will aim to provide a greater selection of goods and products through our CSA.  We commit to offering the most affordable CSA that we can without sacrificing quality nor the financial viability of our farm.  We commit to preserving and investing in heritage animals and heirloom seeds in order to protect biodiversity i.e. our food shed for generations to come.  We commit to only using practices that promote the sustainability of our ecosystem, our farm and our community.  We commit to treating every animal that grazes our pastures with respect.  As your farmers we commit to working 60-90 hours a week throughout the course of the CSA season and most importantly we commit to paying ourselves what is considered to be a livable wage.  We understand that in order to sustain and nourish our community we have to ensure that we do the same for ourselves.  We commit to learning the names of all of our members and to be a source of encouragement at each CSA drop.

Jess and I farm because we believe that this how our talents and strengths as individuals are best utilized in order to make our community more productive.  We farm because we love it.  Every ounce of it.


Brian and Jess of Working Hands Farm

Dirty Hands, Clean Hearts

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