After a long hard winter it seems that spring has finally come.

You may be thinking, “Come on Brian, spring officially started on March 20th!” but being born and raised in Portland, I have learned much about Oregon’s spring antics. The uncanny week of sunshine in late February that hints at summer and speaks of early spring romance quickly dissipates with the advent of what seems to be months of rain.  Oregon’s fickle spring weather can challenge even the stoutest of heart.  But today, I officially declare that spring has arrived!  And to no surprise, the garden centers are as busy as the first spring honey bees, and everyone, adorned in only the most stylish of rain boots, has begun to turn over sod in preparation of urban food gardens.  Sigh… the Portland that I love has begun to shine.  Although, as the new farmer is quick realize, it is with this sunshine that one must bear the great responsibility of making things grow.  Our little farm has become a mad house, as James and I plant and transplant feverishly; onions, beets, carrots, mesculin, spinach, radishes, kale, mustard, oh my!

We love company,  if any of you all care to come share in our unique, (albeit dorky), brand of spring antics.