today i am home and brian is on the farm.  we spent a bit of the morning taking pictures and sharing our ideas with each other from afar.  we have finally started writing things down, as our ideas grow exponentially everyday.  at times we have to laugh and throw our hands up as our romantics’ hearts take charge of our daily inspirations.  the ideas below include little handmade stakes like the ones brian loves at luscher farm, the start of some (very) rudimentary drawings for a roaming, roadside farmer’s market, and business cards that we have been thinking of making ourselves.

we have received wonderful ideas and feedback from our talented and creative friends, and would love much more.  part of what we would like to create with the farm is a feeling of community which only comes with the creative input and advice of the people dear to us.  if you have any ideas that you would like to share, take a picture, send a message, or just whisper in our ears!