Warm winter greetings to my all favorite CSA members,

Although some time has passed since we last met, a lot has been going with us at Working Hands Farm.  We spent the last 3 months working in central Uganda, balancing our time between designing sustainable firewood stoves for vanilla farmers and starting an organic sister farm.  With winter nearly over (we’re only a month and half away from the Spring Equinox) we’re excited to begin the 2012 farming season.  

At the heart of the farm are our CSA members and we couldn’t do what we love to do without your support and helping hands.  This year we’re looking into utilizing our amazing outdoor space for our community by providing workshops, farm to table dinners, movie nights, cooking classes and more.  We’re also determined to spend more time with our members and community by offering farm volunteer parties and children’s programs.  We want to share more with you by connecting, week by week, through our farm newsletter.  We’ll post recipes, give you weekly updates about what’s going on on the farm, what you can expect to eat in the coming weeks etc, so you can stay connected and really feel a part of what we’re doing day by day.

So you can learn and grow right along side with us.

With the start of the season well on it’s way we’re opening up membership this month.  As you know, your support goes a long way this time of the year to purchase seed, compost, potting soil, organic amendments, tractor rentals etc.  So, we encourage you to check out our 2012 CSA program and you can purchase your share by clicking here.  We’ve been making a few changes here and there to the website and encourage you to pass along the good word to all your friends.  The success of the farm depends on it’s amazing community and because of your support we feel more inspired every year.

For other updates – visit the farm blog & our farm facebook page (click “like” for automatic updates in your feed).  If you have any questions or comments about this year’s farm season feel free to contact us anytime.  We look forward to hearing from you all and seeing you all again in the coming months. 

Best wishes,

Farmer Brian

dirty hands, clean hearts.