Endless rows of tomatoes warm our farmer hearts. 

A very warm welcome to all our CSA members!

This week marks the very first of the season and we’re so excited to meet your acquaintance, whether it be at one of our pick up locations or at the farm!  (pick up locations and hours can be found here).  There are plenty of spring time greens in this week’s box!  Enjoy the young tender greens while the weather is still mild.  Your CSA box will be heavy on the greens and little surprises for the first few weeks as we wait in anticipation for the sun kissed summer bounty of tomatoes, peppers, corn melons, cucumbers and squash!

For us, this week brings everything we do into focus.  Why we work 80+ hour weeks & find ourselves only ever talking about the farm.  To be able to meet the community that supports our cause and to feed them a bountiful CSA crate each and every week for 5 months.  To put faces to all the names we have on our member list and for you to put a farmer’s face to the food that you are nourishing yourself with.  A couple of farmers that you can trust and a small farm where you know first hand how your food is being grown.

We are happy to have the wonderful, Wolf Carr and his bees at our farm. 

We love what we do.  For us, farming isn’t work, it’s a way of life.  There is no question about it.  Everyday when we get up with the sun and watch it slowly fade into the horizon, there is no question, only purpose.  And with your support, your enthusiasm and commitment this farm dream is not only possible but it becomes a reality.  So, remember, you are not just a member of this farm but the integral foundation on which this farm stands.  You put your faith into a few crazy hearted young farmers (that you might not have even met -yet!) and it takes a special kind of person to do just that.  And for that reason alone we feel both happy and blessed to have the members that we do this year.  We hope that we are here to serve you for year’s to come and that you enjoy the bounty, the hard work and the love that goes into it just as much as we do.

Sugar Snap Peas blowin’ in the breeze.

We look forward to many refreshing conversations, outdoor dinners, volunteer parties, movie nights and picnics on the farm.  Our farm is open to you as a place to enjoy life, nature and the good company of others (and our new flock of chickens).  But, until then, we look forward to seeing you all this week and sharing, with you, what we love the absolute most.

Let the 2012 begin….

Your faithful farmers

Our new handmade cedar crates full of bountiful produce. 

Our sweet new gals getting comfortable in Chateau Poulet.

Livin’ it up at Chateau Poulet.