Hello farm friends,

Well, here we are.  Week 20.  It goes without saying that Week 20 is a bittersweet time at the farm as it’s the last week of the Spring/Summer CSA… Do you remember Week 1 and the first few weeks with all the cooler weather crops (like kohlrabi, lettuce, radish, green onions)?  Or that delicious cauliflower and romanesco?  Or the very first taste of summer time cukes, squash, potatoes and tomatoes…  It’s been so much fun and a really big year for us farmers.  We started the year not knowing what exactly would come of the season (as is the insecurity that comes with entering any new season)… but as time has shown we are capable, no matter what happens, because our hearts are in it 100%.

Bounty.  2012 was without a doubt a very bountiful season but we’re already getting excited about next year!  Adding in some new crops, planning and planting even more efficiently and providing an even more diverse amount of vegetables on our 2 1/2 acre vegetable farm… yes, please, bring it on!  We’ve been writing down our favorite varieties from this year in hopes of becoming better farmers.  We love what we do and every year we will grow smarter and work a little less harder.  Growing vegetables is the “easy” part.  And if this season is any indication of the summers becoming a steadily dry season then we will plan accordingly (bumper crop of heirloom tomatoes this year anybody?)

For 5 months you have been receiving a crate full of bounty, from the farm, to bring home and share with your family and friends.  We are just really happy that we were able to feed your families and hope that you too feel the difference from eating fresh from our garden every week.

Chickens and Bees and Cows, oh my!  This year we introduced many friends here on the farm.  The diverse ladies of Chateau Poulet whose antics make for many days of amusement and rich farm fresh eggs that inspire you to make the best kind of breakfast in the morning.  There is also the wonderful addition of Wolf’s honey bees who helped pollinate this farm and brought you the many fruits of the farms labor (and also a delicious jar of Wolf Honey!).  Then there’s our sweet Ellie girl who is at the very heart of the farm and who’s personality, demeanor and smarts outshine any cow that we’ve ever met.  And it goes without saying that little miss Maribelle has quickly stolen our hearts with every affectionate head butt or nuzzle around our legs (of course now she’s getting too tall) – she’s been the belle of the ball.  You have all grown with us this year.. you’ve seen the changes and have reaped all the benefits that these dirty hands and fertile lands have to offer.

We’re glad that you chose to be a part of our CSA and, after 5 months, a part of our little farm-ily.  As we said at the very beginning of the CSA.. with your support, your enthusiasm and commitment this farm dream is not only possible but it becomes a reality.  You are not just a member of this farm but the very foundation on which this farm stands.  You put your faith into a few crazy hearted young farmers and it takes a special kind of person to do just that.  And for that reason alone we feel both happy and blessed to have the members that we do this year.  We hope that we are here to serve you for year’s to come and that you enjoy the bounty, the hard work and the love that goes into it just as much as we do. Whether we see you again next season or catch up with you from a far just know that each one of you has made us better farmers and that means everything.

So, thanks again for such a wonderful season.  Keep cookin’ in your kitchens & we hope to see you all real soon!   And don’t forget to look for the sign up for the 2013 season at the start of the new year!

p.s. Crates & Surveys.  If there are any Working Hands Farm crates hanging about be sure to bring them to the pick up or leave them out for home delivery.  We are also hoping to receive a survey back from all of you (your thoughts mean a lot to us) and have attached it to the email just in case it has been misplaced since the last time we saw each other.  Thanks again everyone!  Cheers to a very successful season!

Faithfully yours,

your farmers

Brian & Jess

dirty hands, clean hearts

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