Well, friends….

You have patiently awaited the news and we are happy to share it…..

May we introduce to you the newest addition to the Farm….

Isn’t she just lovely?

Miss Ellora, the Jersey Cow, who has come to make a home at Working Hands Farm and we couldn’t be more pleased!

Ellie has been with us 5 days now and she is as sweet and as beautiful as can be.  She has the most wonderful disposition and it’s as if she hasn’t skipped a beat moving to a new place.  She had a wonderful and happy home at Everbearing Farms and we couldn’t be happier to have come into contact with them as now we have some awesome new farmer friends and mentors in St. Paul.  Farmer Britt is such a thoughtful person that it made the transition easy for everybody and we couldn’t be more grateful having Ellie here with us.  It’s a big and new adventure for us both but we are ready for truly understanding all facets of this life that we live.  It feels more fulfilling already, and even more than that, it feels exactly right.

The very beginnings of salsa fresca…

In other exciting news we found our first few ripe tomatoes (thank you Oregon Spring) on the vine over the weekend.  All of the plants are loaded with fruit and as soon as that light switch gets turned on it will surely be go time (hopefully our two sets of hands can handle the 30 varieties of tomatoes we planted this year!).  We also found the first few green beans, onions and hot peppers on our morning walk through the farm.  It’s a very exciting and magical part of the year when all the plants share the goodness of the sunshine and the soil.  We love it and we know you do too!

Also, on our walk around the farm we found the next round of pesky weeds that all need to be plucked from the ground this week.  If anyone has the time to come out and lend a hand this week please feel free to send us an email or give us a call as we firmly believe many hands make light work!  Plus, it’s always nice to have our members out here to enjoy the peacefulness of the farm and maybe even an introduction to Ellie!

She’s the sweetest!

We hope that you all have a wonderful week and look forward to seeing you all soon!

Faithfully yours,

your farmers jess & brian

dirty hands, clean hearts

My favorite kind of bouquet (besides Kale of course…)

3 1/2 lb Snow Crown Cauliflower anyone?

Garlic harvest!

Many hands make light work!  Thanks to our friends who helped out this weekend.