Hello farm friends!

Boy, have we had a busy past few weeks on the farm!  We’ve been prepping, planting, seeding, digging, weeding, tilling, raking, trellising, you name it!  We’ve been harvesting the last bits of our spring crops and replacing them with our new fall crops.  It’s been a lot of long days but we’re feeling strong and happy that the two of us are able to get it all done (and to feed 50+ families a week ain’t so bad either).

We hope that you’ve been enjoying the first tastes that summer has to offer.  The garden is so lush and bountiful, as we see many peppers, eggplants and tomatoes growing and ripening every day.  It’s such a wonderful time of year with those warm days and cooler nights – which make for perfect evenings to harvest potatoes!

A word on our beloved ladies of Chateau Poulet… we have new layers everyday it seems.  We’re still waiting on that 4 dozen a day thing but we’re happy that we have healthy chickens that are full of personality (despite those little pea sized brains..).  We know by next Spring we’ll have so many eggs that we won’t know what to do with them.  Until then, you can bet your bottom dollar that Farmer Brian will be in that hen house prompting and encouraging the gals to lay just a few more eggs.  Also wanted to mention the wonderful feed that we purchase from Scratch and Peck.  They are located in Bellingham, Washington and are the first feed company in North America to have all of their products be Non-GMO Verified!   Go Scratch and Peck!  The gals are free range in the pasture but it’s nice to know that their supplement feed has only the most wholesome ingredients (so wholesome that you would eat it too!).

And now for Miss Ellie Bean… she is loving her new home at Working Hands.  She had a visit last weekend with Farmer Britt and her family and it was nice to get the chance to show them the farm and Ellie’s new place in Scholls.  She is nearing the projected due date and we are all open ears and eyes until that day comes.  We are “milking her” (going through the motions) twice a day and she’s adapted so well to her routine already.  We should be, or should I say, she should be very comfortable with it once the calf arrives.  Us, on the other hand, know we’ve barely just begun.  We’ve been getting well acquainted with her (i.e. taking naps together) and we feel pretty confident that we can keep charging ahead, together, like three peas in a pod.

In other news, we’d love to have outdoor movie nights on the big screen this month and are looking for your guidance.  If anyone knows of a good place to rent a projector & speakers or potentially has one that we can borrow that would be fantastic!  We have such beautiful sunsets out here on the farm it really seems a shame not to share it!

Also, you should tentatively mark your calendars for a Meet Your Farmers day out on the farm on August 18th.  We’re hoping to do a potluck/picnic style day where everyone brings a dish, a blanket & their sun hats to spend an afternoon with their farmers and other members of their CSA community.  We’ll fill you in on more details as we get closer….

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!  It’s the first of August tomorrow (we can hardly believe it) and we feel so blessed and appreciative for our bounty, our farm & our wonderful CSA members.

Faithfully yours,

your farmers

dirty hands, clean hearts

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