Hello farm friends!

The rains really have come and it’s starting to sink in just how many weeks we have left in the CSA.  On the one hand, things are finally start to feel like they are slowing down over here and we find ourselves with a few more moments in the day to sit down and relax in between chores.  We were beginning to wonder if we’d ever slow down but the weather certainly helps with that….

One more week after this one… it’s incredible.  You never really know what to expect when you start the season.  You hope and stress that you have enough members, you seed until there is no room left in the greenhouse, on the ground and on the outdoor seedling tables.  You transplant ferociously for months, lay irrigation, plant perennials, plan crops & pray for good weather.  Not to mention, marketing yourself like crazy while you day dream about the future and figure out the ways to grow better, not bigger.  And there’s always trellising tomatoes, weeding, creating new recipes, weeding, squashing bugs, weeding, harvesting with headlamps, hand milking the cow and did I mention, weeding?  From sun up to sun down we are busy bees.

Gratitude.  And here we are 8 months after starting up the farm season.  A lot of lessons have been learned and we know it will all get easier with time.  We’re excited about the future and we’re so excited that you’ve helped to make this year such a success!  We were amazed by all the thoughtful gestures and conversations we had with you last week… about what the CSA has meant for them and what it will continue to mean for their lifestyle into the future.  Talk about putting your farmers on cloud 9…. It’s seriously the best kind of compliment when people acknowledge healthy change in their lives and love it!  We understand as food is at the very core of why we’re able to do all that we do.  Without it, it would be impossible to do the best job we could do.

CSA Survey.  Speaking of that… this week we will be including a CSA Survey in this week’s share that can be returned to us next week.  They can be filled out anonymously as we will have a big box for putting them in next week.  Or, if you prefer, we will also send out a digital copy so that people can email them back.  As a CSA member, your responses to the survey will influence the forward progress of the farm and the direction it takes.  Your response to this survey is the best way to meet your needs and the needs of future CSA members.  Not to mention, the importance to us as we really strive to work smarter, not harder and better, not bigger.  We thank you in advance!



You all are great and we really hope that you will all join us again next season (2013!).  After the winter we know you all will be craving those first tender greens and sun ripened veggies… it gives all of us something to look forward to!  But for now, let’s enjoy the time that we have!  Here’s to 2 more weeks!




p.s. EGGS.  After the weekend we have lots of farm fresh eggs to sell this week.  So come prepared to the drop and purchase some delicious extra protein!  The ladies of Chateau Poulet thank you in advance!


faithfully yours,

your farmers

dirty hands, clean hearts

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