The creek taking over the bottom half of our pasture this weekend…

Hello friends,

We hope you’ve managed to stay dry as it has been an incredibly rainy start to December!  The creeks are overflowing and the rain has been non-stop these past few weeks.  It’s unbelievable how quickly the water will rise and then recede in just a few days time.  Funnily enough, we’re thankful for all the mole holes underground as they make for really great drain systems here on the farm!  We’re happy to be here though, just one week shy of the last CSA, as we still have food to feed ourselves and our farm-ily.  And as we near the holiday and the new year we’ll be spending the shorter days inside, brainstorming and dreaming about the future and pulling out all of our inspiring seed catalogs to begin our adventure for the 2013 season!  January marks the beginning of our season as we open up registration for the CSA, order our seeds, fill the greenhouse with soil amendments, and begin this exciting process all over again!

Home.  My trip back east was refreshing and just what I needed.  Being far away definitely begins to feel far away when your trips home are too far and too few in between.  There are so many perks to being a farmer – it really is a lifestyle choice – but with that choice you aren’t as free to just pick up and go wherever you please (the mindset of living on a farm is where you are is exactly where you want to be).  To venture away from the farm, even just for a day or two, requires a lot of planning and thoughtfulness as the cows can’t milk themselves and who will be here to harvest all the veggies etc etc… Thankfully I have a great partner and farmer at my side who knows the importance of staying connected and without hesitation encouraged me to go home for the holidays as he was willing to take up the reigns at the farm.


The weather treated me well while I was back on the Cape.  We had a few days that dipped into the 30’s but the sun was shining so who cares?  My favorite days back home are spent outside in the sea breeze or out amongst the trees getting work done around the Powers house which almost always means getting to hang out with my dad (who is awesome by the way, you would all love him… and might recognize him from the Lord of the Rings hehe).  He’s the ultimate hunter gatherer who doesn’t spend a day inside.  Hunter, commercial fisherman, forager, gardener, animal & beekeeper and supreme stalk-er of the freezers!  Every meal I enjoyed while I was home was either raised or hunted and gathered by my father.  Suppose you could say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when this is the life you grew up in.

I’ve been excited to hang out with my dad while I was home as he started a new project this year working on a friend’s oyster grant raising oysters, little necks and shell fish galore.  He was so animated and bright when talking about his new project, during our telephone conversations over the season, that I couldn’t wait to experience that excitement first hand.  Jumping in the skiff and heading to the grant during a very low tide was wonderful.  It’s easy to feel like a little kid in the presence of my dad who is incredibly intelligent and just so in touch with nature.  I’m in awe of the wealth of knowledge that he has in regards to the natural world.  He spends so much time out in the trees, in the dunes and on the seas that he could tell you just about anything about everything.  It’s awesome.


While we were out there fixing the (little) damage leftover from Sandy the sun came through the clouds and warmed our bodies (but mostly our hands).  I was handed a basket and a digging rake as I was delegated the task of  harvesting some little necks to bring home for dinner.  The amount of time you spend out there depends completely on the tide which is neat.  No incredibly long days… just getting done what needs to be done that day.  Before I knew it the tide began to sweep back in & I was happy to be a part of this new adventure in my dad’s life.  As he sat up on the bow of the boat I could I not picture him doing this?  That when he finally decides to transition from 40 years of lobster fishing.. oystering just might be the ticket and a lot easier on those tired, achy bones.

As always, my stay flew by… as I helped my parents put the gardens to bed and dig up dahlias for drying and storing for next year.  Had a lovely walk on the beach with my sister & kitchen time with my mom.  I spent a few afternoons with some dear old friends of mine, the dearest, who is like a grandmother to me… the 90 year old inspiration Miss Jean Iverson who is still keeping her 1/4 of an acre organic farm in West Barnstable.  She’s one of my biggest inspirations to live the life that I live and a big part of my heart.  Being close to the Atlantic inspired my mind and my heart.  There were many nights spent beside the wood stove enjoying my family’s company.  We had a lovely Thanksgiving, just the 4 of us, which started with all of us getting up at 4 am to make dad’s famous stuffing and ended by making a garland, using the trees around the yard, along the entry way of the house.  I love spending time with my family.. and cherish those moments that I actually do get to spend being so far away.  They are some of the best folks I know and as time moves forward so do our relationships… they really do keep getting better with time.


My dearest friend, Miss Jean.  May all your weeds be wildflowers… she’s the cutest pip I know!

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving with you families and of course, the up coming holidays.  We’ll be here for two more weeks so don’t forget your crates, egg cartons, milk jars etc.  We’ll be taking early registration from returning customers starting in January so get ready!  We’re happy & grateful to share all that we have with you.

Be sure to check out the slideshow for more images from back home!

Our warmest wishes,

Jess & Brian

dirty hands, clean hearts

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