Farmer Jess’ dad working his oyster grant in Barnstable, MA.

Greetings farm friends!

It seems like forever since our last CSA week and we’ve missed it oh-so-much!  We hope you all had a wonderful holiday with friends and family and are getting into holiday cheer with Christmas just around the corner.  After a 12 hour adventure from east to west, Farmer Jess’ is fresh off the plane today and has many wonderful photos to share with you all from her trip back east!  Be sure to look for them later on this week.

Even though it’s only been a week and a half since our last harvest, everybody on the farm is growing up so fast… we hardly recognize the baby chicks and Maribelle is looking more and more like her mom.  We’ve also had some very stormy weather here in Oregon and have seen a lot of rain, cold temperatures and wind (we’re just happy the greenhouse is still standing!).  Thankfully Jess has brought the sun back with her today but the fact remains.. it’s almost December and it’s starting to feel like it.  And even though the days are getting shorter, we look forward to harvesting up some veggies for you for the next three weeks.  As the colder weather encroaches in on us… it’s a great time for being creative, thoughtful and spending lots of time in the warmth of your kitchen.  Spring has never looked or felt so good!

We look forward to seeing you all  this week.  And just a friendly reminder to leave out your crates (tomorrow) or return them at farm pick up on Wednesday!

Our best to you and yours,

your farmers

dirty hands, clean hearts