The admiral in all her glory… she sure is a fine farm truck..

Hello friends & farm-ily,


It’s been a crazy first week of July here on the farm.  We hope you all had a happy and safe 4th of July celebration!  The dry summer weather sure has returned and we find ourselves looking for shade and water whenever we can.  July is busy time on the farm – between the bountiful harvests, keeping the water flowing, seeding for the next succession of crops, transplanting, weeding, planning etc – it’s got these two farmers pretty busy!  We have started our most epic  “to do” list yet..  we call it THE GREAT TO DO LIST OF 2013.  Many things have been added but few have been checked off.  Everything we are doing this time of the year we’ve been busy doing through the Spring plus harvest and hot days thrown on top.. it’s a wonder we get it all done but there’s a reason that longer days and sunlight…


The hard work truly pays off though.  Everything is growing very well in the garden.  The tomatoes are beginning to bulk up as well as the peppers… shouldn’t be too long now before we have a new flush of summer veggies in the crates!  We hope you’ve been enjoying all the greens, Spring/beginning of summer goodies, and the first of many crops to come (you know there aren’t carrots that are sweeter!)  The first flush of raspberries (last years canes) have finished but we’re already seeing fruit on this year’s canes which is exciting!  There’s always something to look forward to on the farm…


These cows bring such light and magic to the farm… we love them so! 

Speaking of that.. we hope you plan on coming to our CSA member Potluck!


The CSA Member Potluck is only a few Saturday’s away on July 27th from 11 – 2pm.  Attendance is highly encouraged as we look forward to spending time with our members.  Both Farming & community are at the heart of the CSA farm model and one would not exist without the other.  Visiting the farm helps build that sense of community, a moment to enjoy each other’s company and talk about stuff that matters.  There are so many interesting & inspiring members that are a part of the CSA and it’s great to bring everybody together over some delicious potluck food & good conversation.


In the quiet of a Monday evening before our first harvest…

Plus, that means you get to meet all of our sweet animals!  Besides the heat, summer is their 2nd favorite time on the farm (after Spring and all those lush grasses).  Any extra chard, squash, greens, etc that would go “to waste” take a trip to the barn where we find many a fine animal awaiting a garden snack or two.  As for the heat, we’re doing our best to keep the animals cool on these hot days.  The ladies of Chateau Poulet have a brand new industrial style fan as well as a new dusting pit and the pigs got some pretty sweet misters.  All in all everyone is adjusting and we’re doing our best  to keep ourselves and the animals healthy and safe!

Movie Nights.  We’re still on the hunt for a digital projector!  Let us know if you or anyone you know would be willing to lend or donate a projector for movie nights on the farm.  It stays light out so late right now that we still have plenty of time to get to evening sunsets that aren’t around the same time as farmer bedtime (before 10pm)!


Our chatty cathy’s strike a pose – otherwise known as our “ninjas”…

Crates, berry hallocks, egg cartons, rubber bands…. thanks again for all the good work with returning the vessels in which you receive farm goodness!  We appreciate it!

So get ready, here comes Week 8!  We’re looking forward to the harvests ahead & hope you have a great start to the week!  We’ll see you all soon!


All our best,


Jess & Brian


dirty hands, clean hearts


p.s. Here’s a great video we watched at the end of last week.  This video is amazing and is exactly why we love and believe in what we do. Everyday you choose to nourish your body with the simple food choices you make.  “Dr. Terry Wahls learned how to properly fuel her body. Using the lessons she learned at the subcellular level, she used diet to cure her MS and get out of her wheelchair.”

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