Hey friends & farm-ily!

Can you dig this heat?  85, 88, 95, 88 degrees…. phew these farmers have been a sweatin’!  It’s been early, early mornings for us and late evenings too.  Workin’ outdoors this time of the year is best just before the sun goes down..  while seeding some Eastham Turnips (my dad’s seed from back home!) I caught myself wondering why can’t it always be dusk for a farmer in the summer?  Alas, the plants sure do grow like wild flowers with it and we really have been blessed thus far especially when weather across the U.S has been testing some farmers more than others.

A very dear friend shared with us an article (Calling All Localvores Why you Should Hug A Farmer Today) – that was written by a farmer in the southeast who has been experiencing an incredible test of her spirits due to the torrential rains, and all that comes with it (pests, fungus, rot, disease, shortage of crops, etc).  It’s easy to empathize and to feel the heartache they must feel.  It definitely helps to put some perspective on a few things – such as the importance of the community’s role in supporting local farms, the labor of love that is farming and the uncertainty that Mother Nature can bring to a farmer.  Most of all, it allows us to take a step back, enjoy and really appreciate the moment and all that the season has brought to us with each passing week.


As we near the half way mark, it feels great to take a step back.  We feel blessed to have a community that supports and believes in us no matter what the season may bring.  The kind of trust can bring certainty to the most uncertain of situations.  It truly lightens the load when the weight is carried with many instead of just one (or in this case two).  It’s the belief and trust in each other, our members and ourselves that gives us the energy, drive, passion & purpose to do the very best job that we can do.  We’re looking to leave this place a little bit better than we found it and if in doing so you believe in yourself a little bit more each and everyday.. well, then we’d say life is pretty good.

So, thanks for believing in us.  We hope that as we near the middle of the Spring & Summer CSA season that you, your friends & your family are enjoying this food journey as much as we are!


Feelin’ hot, hot hot.  Some high temps are expected these next few days so your farmers might be taking the opportunity to beat the heat and spend their late afternoons after harvest in cold bodies of water.   Home Delivery – if you have a big cooler we suggest leaving it outside for us to pack your goods in or ask a friend/roommate to bring your bounty inside where it’s cool.  Farm Pick Up – Any bunched greens that make there way into the box this week will be left in cold water for you to grab at pick up – otherwise we’re afraid they might get wilty!    We’ll leave signs so you don’t forget!

CSA Member’s Potluck.  We hope you’ll be joining us a few weekends from now at our Members Potluck on Saturday July, 27th from 11-2 pm.  We sent out an e-vite this afternoon so please RSVP!   We ask that folks bring their own set of forks, knives and plates as it will make clean up easier for everyone.


Cow Appreciation Week!  July 15th is ‘cow appreciation day’ so in celebration we are have deemed it cow appreciation week!  Over the weekend we celebrated our one year anniversary with Ellie and are so appreciative of all that she does for the farm.  She’s a hardworking lady with a heart of gold and makes our lives that much better.  We honestly can’t remember farming without her here with us… she really is the sweetest.  And our little Maribelle – well, she’s not so little anymore – she will be turning 1 in just a few months time… my oh my how time does fly!  All we know is we’re fond of our cow-calf pair and look forward to many years ahead.

Crates!  Oops, we were short on crates last week so please make sure to bring back any extras you might have at home.  Thanks to everyone for their great efforts so far – we realize that summer can be crazy around the homestead and appreciate all your help!

Enjoy the week & we’ll see you all soon!

With fondest regards,

Your farmers

Jess & Brian

dirty hands, clean hearts

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