Hey friends & farm-ily,

Week 14.  Hope you all have been enjoying those extra summery boxes last week…we know we have!  We’ve been making lots of salsa fresca and so many beautiful veggie dishes with all the bounty of our summer crops.  What have you been making with yours?

With a little help from our friends we’ve been able to sit back and slow down (even just for just a second) and enjoy a few moments with the simple gifts of summer…a swim in the Yamhill River, early evening archery sessions, endless summer meals beneath the shade structure, and even an evening by the fire on the new farm.   Our list of farm chores never gets any shorter this time of the year but it’s so important to find and maintain a balance especially in the company of others.  It felt incredible to meander down the river, soak in some sun and shade, enjoy the company of friends and cut into our very first watermelon of the season.  It’s the little things… and the funny thing is it makes us hungry for the good work i.e. the farm.


‘Tis the time of the season to sign up for our Fall CSA.  The cooler weather crops are growing at the new farm at an impressive rate and we are looking forward to a whole new season of inspiring veggies!  We love spending our afternoons and evenings in the kitchen when the cooler weather hits.  Turning the oven on and letting the veggies roast in olive oil and garlic.  Making crust and filling the contents of summer and fall within its boundaries.  Enjoying the last few tastes of the summer sun and welcoming the smells of hibernation, inspiration & warmth.  It’s all too hard to picture it as summer is still upon us and the days are still long… but oh it’s nice to dream.  Get inspired, sign up, tell your friends about your favorite farmers and encourage them to sign up for our Fall CSA and read about it here if you haven’t already 😉

Farm Dream Update… our new little farm is growing quite rapidly.  With only one 100×100 foot block empty and ready to be filled with our last successions of fall crops we have successfully filled two farms – their contents brimming.  It’s an amazing challenge that appeared before us this Spring and so far we have come prepared to meet and conquer.  We are getting better at our craft and enjoying every second of it.. the good stuff, the hard stuff.. it’s all worth it.   It’s exactly what we dream of and believe in.  This week begins the excavation for the barn (the heart of the farm).  We’ll build the bones in hopes that there will be a roof and soon enough (in the next few years) proper wooden siding.  Come October – December we’ll be calling on all those friends who said they’d lend a hand in the breaking down and moving of structures, implements, farm stuff & our animals.  It’s almost time to make this new farm the heart of this farm-ily.


Thanks for all your encouragement, kindness and general awesomeness.  We are humbled and blessed and feel like two very lucky farmers amidst a pretty wonderful community.  We hope you all enjoy the week and we’ll see you soon.

Our best to you all,

Your farmers

Jess & Brian

dirty hands, clean hearts

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