Hey Friends & Farm-ily,

Week 15.  It’s the week before labor day (did anyone see that one coming..?) and it makes you ask yourself.. where does the time go?  Despite the warm temperatures there seems to be a shift in the air… autumn doesn’t seem too far away.  It’s almost starting to feel like the halfway mark of our farm’s 7 month season is here.  Sometimes the slight change in weather helps process just how fast time really does go by.  It seems like we’ve been blessed with such sunny and lovely weather since April and feels somewhat strange to see clouds, wind and even a few rain showers here and there.  It’s been a great season though and we have no doubt that mother nature will ease into autumn and fall (our favorite time of the year)…

Harvest has been keeping these two farmers busy 5 out of 7 days a week.  It’s the time of the season where most of our hours are spent reaping what we’ve sown.  It’s amazing how many pounds of produce can come out of just a few cultivated acres.  We had estimated a number of 25,000 lbs for the season… and have been keeping track of the weight of the weekly boxes (last week they weighed 19lbs!) and will let you know the final numbers come November.  The days that we’re not harvesting we’re prepping 100 ft beds at the new farm for our last successions of crops, tilling in grass and prepping the new pasture for a fall planting (which will be forage for the critters in the Spring), staying connected to the health of all our girls (who will soon be calving & farrowing – fingers crossed!), prepping our new perennial herb beds, weeding, storing crops, seeding, sowing, transplanting, finishing up our honey harvest….. the list is always long and plentiful and keeps us young, productive & motivated!  🙂


This year’s tomato varieties!


‘Tis the season… for sauce, sundrieds, ketchup, jam, stewed, paste, chili, salsa, soup, you name it! For those of you who are interested in purchasing sauce tomatoes in bulk for canning purposes we will begin taking orders from now until the first frost (generally the first week of October) upon availability.  We sell our “sauce tomatoes” or “seconds” in quantities of 10 – 50lbs or more for a steal of a deal.  And we promise that a pantry full of sun grown sweetness will help to keep you happy and warm all winter long!  (and also make great Christmas gifts!) In our farm pantry we are just getting to our last quart of sauce…. just in time to make some more….

And peppers and eggplant… same goes for bell, hot peppers (jalapenos, Hungarian hot wax, anchos, carrot pepper, fireball, habanero, thai chiles, cayennes etc) for any relish or pickled peppers.  Eggplant is also available for pre-cooking/freezing for ideas visit this page.

IMG_1992 copy

This year’s sweet & hot pepper varieties!

Our Fall CSA.  Get inspired, sign up, tell your friends about your favorite farmers and encourage them to sign up for our Fall CSA and read about it here if you haven’t already.  We’ll be available at the pick ups this week for any questions you may have.  We look forward to seeing you all this Fall on the farm.

Eggs (à la carte).  We’ll have some à la carte Chateau Poulet eggs available for purchase this week!  Look for the à la carte egg cooler for any extras you might need for the holiday weekend!

Crates.    We were short on crates last week, which means that we’re starting the week short on crates as well.  Be sure to set out or bring back your crates during delivery and pick up as it helps out your farmers efficiency immensely!  Many thanks in advance!



Enjoy the week and we’ll see you all soon!  Here’s hoping to some drier weather along with good ol’ fashioned sunshine (send some your farmers way)!  Be sure to check out this week’s slideshow for updates on how things are growing over at the new farm… we’re excited!  Stay bee-sy!

Our best to you all, 

your farmers

Jess & Brian

dirty hands, clean hearts

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