One of our farm mottos…. The trick is to say, “this is what I get to do today” not “have to do today.”

Everything rides on those two verbs. No matter how long the list gets. Everyday is precious.

Hello Friends & Farm-ily,

Happy February!  The month is off to a very frosty start but it looks as if the rains will return soon enough (fingers crossed)!  Things have been moving right along on the new farm.  We spent the weekend amongst great friends who helped us resurrect our greenhouse in hopes of starting our first seedlings next week!  We’re getting closer and closer everyday and after 3 moves already it feels great to have a forever home for our greenhouse and a place to “put in our roots.”


CSA Update.  A big THANK YOU to all of you who have signed up for the CSA in the last month!  There is no greater encouragement than having only a handful of shares available come the beginning of February.  We are working hard to make 2014 the best season yet and we thank you all for your support, love and encouragement!  So far we’ve been feeling the farm love and look forward to growing and providing for you all this year!


Word of mouth.  Also, a big thanks to all of you who have shared the CSA love with friends, community and family members.  A majority of our new members have been led our way by you – our community –  and word of mouth really is the best way to help us grow and sustain our small farm.  There are only a dozen or so spots available so please encourage interested friends, family, neighbors & community in signing up for their CSA share – this small gesture goes a long way!   Quick links to our 2014 CSA Season (the Who, What, Where, Why, When & How Much) & our 2014 Sign-Up Form.


We also have a few cute February farm updates for you all…


We welcomed a few new feathered and furry members to the farm last week… the newest layer chicks (a mix of pearl white leghorns, red stars, arucaunas & americaunas) to be added to the rest of the flock this Spring.  They grow SO fast.  In just a week’s time they already have their wing feathers and are trying out their hand at flying.  After this week’s cold spell they will go to live in their fancy brooder in the chicken coop.  They’ll be out on fresh pasture, laying eggs before we know it…. Check out this sweet little sneak ‘peep’ of the girls set to a little diddy by Pete Seeger.

We also welcomed Una – our 3 month old Great Pyrenees/Anatolian cross to the farm.  Her breed is also known as a “LGD” (Livestock Guardian Dog).  They are incredibly smart and have been bred to be independent thinkers.  They imprint/bond with the animals they live and grow up with and will protect those animals within their perimeters at all costs.  They are also nocturnal and she will be our eyes and ears during the night – watching and listening for predators while we’re sleeping.  There are plenty of coyotes on the new property and it seemed a very natural fit to have a guardian on the farm that is bred to protect.   They are very cool farm dogs to say the least.


So far she’s been a quick study (walking on a leash, commands – sit, come, lay down & stay are all under her belt) and we feel so lucky to welcome her to the farm-ily.  It has been unbelievably good for us to learn to be ‘leaders of the pack’  –  giving us confidence and understanding through this process and in all areas of our lives.  Farming, animal husbandry, running a business, leading the “pack,” etc all teach us so much about ourselves… and if you are willing and eager you will learn so much and become a more positive and productive person.  A big thanks to Cesar Millan & his dog whispering ways.. we love that guy.  Here’s a little video of miss una being sweet.


Ellie, Maribelle and the pigs are doing exceptionally well in the new barn.  These sunny, warmer winter days have been a tease and we can’t wait to set everybody up outside come Spring.  Ellie has been the most “interested” in the new pup.  She was pretty fixated on her (in a very dominant way) and now that a week has gone by she seems less interested but still displaying some signs of fight (definitely not flight).  We know with time Ellie will begin to accept her into our herd and farm-ily and will grow to tolerate the pup as she gets older (Maribelle seems to care less about the whole thing..)  The piglets are continuing to grow oh-so-fast and we just love having them on the farm.  Here’s a funny little Pigs n squash video.  They aren’t so good at sharing…


This month we will continue to move forward as we near the start of Spring and have officially declared February as “fence month.”  We’re hoping to have our 3,000ft pasture fence finished come the start of March – the animals (pigs, cows, chickens etc) can’t wait to forage on their new pastures. We have officially sent in our seed orders for the 2014 season and can’t wait to get started in the greenhouse in the coming weeks… so many things to look forward to in just a matter of a few months time.  Whoop whoop!  And look.. we finally have barn doors!

Farm Fresh Eggs Available.  We have our organic (non-gmo, no soy, no corn) eggs available for purchase (at $7.50/dozen).  Please send an email with your order/# of dozens as well as your preferred day/time for pick up and we will promptly respond with our availability!— 

Be well and keep warm out there!  In the meantime, stay in touch with what your farmers are up to – on our facebook or instagram page.  We look forward to seeing you all later this Spring!  Until then.. enjoy the stillness and quiet that Winter brings.


All our best,

your farmers

Jess & Brian

dirty hands, clean hearts

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