“No man is born in possession of the art of living, any more than of the art of agriculture; the one requires to be studied as well as the other, and a man can no more expect permanent satisfaction from actions performed at random, than he can expect a good crop from seeds sown without due regard to soil and season…Nothing is more conducive to happiness, than fixing on an end to be gained, and then steadily pursuing its attainment.”

— J.C. Loudon – An Encyclopedia of Agriculture, 1825


Happy New Years friends & farm-ily!

We hope the winter and holiday season is treating everyone well.  Although the winter has its perks, your farmers are feeling antsy for Spring and another year of farming ahead!  We’ve been keeping busy with many little projects around the farm to get ready for the coming season (clearing & cleaning the front of the property, re-building the greenhouse & shade structure/veggie processing area, putting in irrigation, as well as animal infrastructure for the pasture and clearing out the last bits of  farm stuff at the old farm).  We still can’t believe we get to do this every year.. we love what we do and couldn’t be more appreciative of the community around us.  We are so excited for the endless possibilities that 2014 holds..


This time of the year we’re surely missing homegrown, fresh, organic goodies from the garden.. we’re getting  hungry for the 2014 season already!

As for this year’s winter (so far), it’s surely been a funny season since the end of the Fall CSA.  The end of November and December have been awfully cold for this area and we’ve only had 25% of the rain that we usually do this time of the year.  But because of this we’re making headway on the new property and are VERY excited for the coming season on the new farm.  Spring is just around the corner (thank goodness the days are now getting longer) and we’re gearing up for our seed order, raising of the greenhouse, seed starting  and planning in anticipation of our greatest year yet!  We’re so excited to continue on in this journey and to share it all with you.  And as always.. a great many thanks for all your appreciation, support and love through one of the busiest CSA seasons we’ve experienced to date!

CSA Sign-Up Starts TODAY!  2013 was not only our busiest season but it was also our most productive year yet (over 36,000 lbs of produce grown) and we have a feeling that 2014 will be even better!  As you know, our 2014 sign up starts TODAY January 1st with a 2 week priority sign-up for our previous 2013 CSA members.  We will be limiting our CSA to the first 85 members to sign up so we encourage you to sign up as soon as possible.


The piglets are growing up so quick and are as cute as the day they were born!

2014 CSA Info.  You can read all about our 2014 CSA here – for the Who, What, When, Where, Why & How (much).  We have some exciting new CSA updates in store for you all so please read carefully (below)!

28 week CSA.  Our 2014 CSA season is 28 weeks and now includes the “Fall CSA.”  We had initially started the Fall CSA 3 years ago with hopes that we could grow successfully through the cooler Fall months.  Well, the last two Fall seasons have been a success (the most recent Fall CSA was probably our favorite CSA season to date) and have decided to permanently extend the CSA to 28 weeks.  We love eating seasonally and there’s nothing better than seeing the seasons through when you’re eating fresh out of the garden!  As the seasons vary the CSA may begin up to two weeks before or after our estimated start – the week of May 20th and continue on from that date for 28 weeks.


The bees taking a moment a few weeks ago on a 50 degree day to clean out the hive.. they might have moved farms but haven’t skipped a beat!

Crops.  As we prepare for the 2014 season we feel more confident – about the varieties of crops that we grow – than ever!  Last year we grew the most diverse produce we’ve grown to date.  We did this to get an idea of which plants grew the best, produced the most, tasted the best and survived throughout all the seasons.  We have selected the best from 2013 and are excited to incorporate a few new varieties of veggies that we know our members are going to love.  We will be investing in some new perennial crops this year like Artichoke, rhubarb asparagus, apples, pears, etc… and our raspberries we planted last season for this year are looking great – as do the strawberries and we’re excited for that first taste of homegrown berries…

Sign-Up & Deposit.  Once you’ve read about the 2014 CSA season you can sign-up online.  In order to reserve your share we require a $250 deposit that is non-refundable and is applied to the total cost of the CSA.  The deposit is due within two weeks of submitting our online CSA form.  Once your deposit of $250 is received we will send you a confirmation email welcoming you to our CSA program.

We encourage those members who can, to pay more than the deposit upon signing up,  this helps your farmers absorb the initial expenses that happen at the beginning of the season.  Our farm is a livable wage farm and by being part of our farm-ily you are directly investing in a sustainable agricultural model that doesn’t make compromises!  Because of your investment we will be able to provide safe, delicious and nutritious food for many years to come.  Remember that our CSA operates on a first come, first serve basis so sign up ASAP!


The ladies of Chateau Poulet LOVE their new home and can’t wait for the coming of Spring!

Egg Shares.  The ladies of Chateau Poulet appreciate all the love and support this past season.  We will be keeping a flock of 150 heritage birds in the 2014 season and that means a lot of eggs!  They are raised on fresh pasture as well as an organic, non-gmo feed (no soy, no corn) made in the Pacific NW by Scratch and Peck – a local feed supply that we feel lucky to be working with.  Our chicks are due in January which means they will be laying come the start of the CSA season.  Egg shares will be available for purchase in May coinciding with the start of the CSA season.  Remember eggs are limited and will go to CSA members on a first come first serve basis.

Farm Pick-Up.  All weekly CSAs are collected at our farm from 4-7pm.   You will be able to choose the pick up day that you prefer while space is available (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday)  and the pick up day you select will be your assigned day for the duration of the season.  Your famers make a point of being available from 4-5pm at each drop and do this to facilitate a sense of community within our CSA with good food at its core.   Our farm is located in Hillsboro at 7705 SW River Rd 97123 – just 2 miles north from our old farm (on the other side of Farmington).


Ellie & Maribelle are queens of the barn in their spacious new barn stall & can’t wait to let them loose on pasture in the Spring.  What a glorious day!

Quick Links:  2014 CSA Season (the Who, What, Where, Why, When & How Much) & our 2014 Sign-Up Form.  If you have any further questions be sure to check out our Q&A section or send us an email.  We hope you will be joining us again this year as we can’t imagine a season without you!

And a quick but very important favor for your farmers… word of mouth is the best way to help us grow and sustain our small farm. Please encourage interested friends, family, neighbors & community etc… in signing up for their CSA share.  Many thanks for your help from all of us at Working Hands.

Check out the slideshow below for wintery updates from the farm as well as this link to our favorite photos from our 2013 season.   

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May 2014 be filled with love, adventure, laughter and all good things for you and your family!

Happiest of days to you all!

Jess, Brian & the rest of the farm-ily… Ellie, Maribelle, Truffle, Otis, the piglets & the ladies of Chateau Poulet

dirty hands, clean hearts

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