Bees collecting pollen, a planting we will go, and the newest planting of kale should be ready in the next few weeks!

Hi Friends and Farm-ily,

We hope you all enjoyed the first weekend of August!

We are almost over the big hump of planting and seeding out Fall crops…   Greens of many shapes, some roots and winter veggies are all waiting in the wings this week.  One of our favorite things about planting for Fall is the opportunity to start again. To wipe clean the mistakes of Spring, the last remnants of carrots that got away from you, or the tiny cabbages that for whatever reason you tried to plant too densely, etc… It’s the opportunity to transition and wipe the slate clean, to be renewed at the point in the season when it is most needed. The Big Push!


A nice soak on newly seeded beds (awaiting a flame weeding), cultivating weeds with the Chalmers, and organizing pork shares! (farmers wear so many hats!)

We have been giving mechanical cultivation a go while all the transplants are relatively small.  It’s been working like a charm.  Farmer Brian has found his swing with the Chalmers and his confidence can be seen in the cleaned up rows of brassicas, chard etc.  In the thick of these hot, summer days, it’s nice to change the pace of working the ol’ back and to jump on the ol’ tractor to cultivate a bit.  There’s still plenty of weeding to be done with the hand tools.. no doubt about keepin’ in shape and sweating it out.  There’s so much to learn all the time so when something starts to feel like it’s working or helping you to work smarter – it is an unbelievable feeling.

You wanna know what else is an unbelievable feeling?  The amazing response we received about needing to sell pork shares!  YOU (our members) are amazing every step of the way.  Thank you for reinvigorating your farmers and reminding us of why we do what we do.  We are continuing to take orders for pork and sausage shares and will fulfill them as we go.


Twilight on the barn, Week 12’s bountiful summer share, and farmer B during a magic sunset hour..

It’s amazing the feeling of community that grows year after year.  Growing good food is such a positive thing in our lives and to share that with you all is truly a gift.  Thank you all for your constant appreciation and use of everything that we grow.  You all have been inspiring us with your posts on the Members Page and continually motivate us to grow better and be better.  Thank you for believing in us and in a food system that is sustainable, healthy and that works with nature to provide for this community.

Tomato-Time!  ‘Tis the season of summer bounty!  Our Bulk Tomatoes are available (and should be around for at least the next few weeks… it all depends on the weather).  This is the 4th season in a row that we have had offered this unbelievable deal to our members!  We have Mixed Varieties of our “Seconds” (25lb min order) and Classic Roma Tomatoes (20lbs min order) available.  Please see the email titled “Bulk WHF Tomatoes” for more information.


Ahab and B take an afternoon pause, the morning dew on the newest collards, and baby chick cruising around on mama’s back!

The big push is on this week/weekend so send us all the good energy you can.  We’ll be trucking along and racing the sun and shorter days.  We can do this! 

We look forward to seeing you all this week!

With kind regards,

Your farmers

Jess & Brian

dirty hands, clean hearts

Agua fresco with watermelon, evenings in the garden and some quality time spent with Rosie in the mornings..